Friday, May 29, 2009

New series on Blighty: 'Made in Britain' starts Monday 8th June at 8pm

The UK TV channel, Blighty is about to launch a new TV show called Made in Britain. The idea behind the show is simple: The award-winning television comedian Dom Joly, will go on a road trip around Britain in an attempt to fill his quaint country cottage in the Cotswolds from top to bottom with British-made products after his house is emptied of everything not "made in Britain." Each of the five episodes of Made In Britain will show Dom tackling a different room in his house in his quest to replace its foreign goods with British-made products. Dom discusses how it felt to have his house stripped of a third of its contents: Sounds like it will be an interesting and fun show to watch! 'Made in Britain' starts Monday 8th June at 8pm Blighty is on Sky 534 and Virgin TV 206. Find out more about Made in Britain and Blighty: Follow Blighty on Twitter: @Love_Blighty Join Made in Britain on Facebook


  1. That looks interesting, but unfortunately I only have terrestrial TV so won't be able to watch it.
    I reckon that they'll have a hard job replacing everything! xx

  2. I agree with you, Flighty. I bet they will find it very difficult to replace everything! And we don't subscribe to cable or satellite TV either so like you, I won't be able to watch it. What a shame - I'm sure it will be a very interesting show.

  3. It is good, am watching it.