Thursday, May 28, 2009

Britain's Got Talent 2009:semi final 4: Julian Smith & 2 Grand make the final

Britain's Got Talent 2009: The fourth semi-final The show started with the all-girls dance troupe SugarFree. They were okay but I doubt they will get voted through to the final. Amanda liked them. Simon said, "Yeah, it was good but I don't think it was brilliant. It was a little bit too stage school." Piers said they are "the best girl dance group we've seen" which makes me think the other girl dance groups must have been very bad! Jackie Prescott and her dancing dog, Tippy Toes are next. They looked quite sweet but they just aren't special enough, in my opinion to warrant a place in the final. Piers actually buzzed them before they finished - I don't think they were that bad. Simon said, "I'm a little bit disappointed. I thought she [Tippy Toes] was going to tap dance." Now that would have been something. Piers made a snide comment comparing the dog to Wayne Rooney's performance in the football game last night, and Amanda said that I can see she's improved but felt it was a "lukewarm" performance and "just not that good." The next act is 12-year-old Callum Francis. I was really impressed with his first performance (and so were the judges) but I thought his act tonight - singing and dancing to a Jungle Book medly, although good - wasn't as good as his first performance. All three judges loved his act though! Piers said he is "a natural little performer" and "a little star" and Amanda said she had "died and gone to heaven" and that his act was "perfection". Simon admitted that Jungle Book is his favourite film of all time and that it was a "great routine, great fun" and "expect to see you in the final". Fred Bowers, the 73-year-old breakdancer was very good, considering his age but I agree with Amanda's view when she said, "Well done, Fred, but I don't think it's good enough for the final." Simon said it was "great fun" and "I like you." Piers told Fred that he is "a great inspiration." Brit Chix the girl rock band were next. Oh dear, they really weren't at their best, I don't think. Simon buzzed them almost as soon as they started, followed by Amanda buzzing them and then Piers so they didn't even get to finish their act. They did not do well at all. Simon said they "sounded fake" and that their "playing was awful and their singing was awful" and they were "just horrible". Piers said "the look is terrific" [that's true] but that they weren't horrible and Amanda told them they have a "great look" and "potential." Julian Smith the saxophonist had the next turn. I loved his first performance and he was just as good, if not better this time. He's just fantastic! Piers said he is "probably the coolest contestant" and that he gave a "brilliant performance". Amanda told Julian that he got the "warmest reaction of the night" and "played beautifully." Simon told Julian that "I normally hate these kind of acts" but liked that Julian is "humble, ambitious" and that "has a great chance to win." 2 Grand,(Sally and John)a grandfather-granddaughter duo were next. They were very good, even better than their first performance and the audience loved them. So did the judges. Amanda said it was "a fantastic performance" with "something for everybody." Simon told them that he "really, really liked you two. You're not the best singers in the world but you have complete and utter sincerity." Piers said they are "a genuine act - what the show is about." The last act was the burlesque dancer, Fabia Cerra. She was very entertaining but it's highly unlikely she would be voted through to the final. Simon said he "absolutely loved it" and that he adored her "great spirit, great fun." Piers said she was "just magnificent" and Amanda said it was a "stop the traffic dance routine." The viewers voted for the saxophonist Julian Smith (yes!) and the judges have to decide between 2 Grand or Callum Francis. Simon chose 2 Grand & Amanda chose 2 Grand too! Piers said he would have chosen Callum. I'm so pleased that the viewers voted for the saxophonist Julian Smith - he's fantastic & really deserves to be in the final. It's a shame that Callum didn't get through to the final but he's young and he will have lots more chances for fame & fortune. So the two performers from tonight's show going through to the final are: Julian Smith and 2 Grand What did you think of the show tonight?

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