Welcome to A View from England

I'm an American expatriate (from Minnesota) living in a small town near London, England. I'm married to an Englishman and we have two sons.

I'm entitled to British citizenship because my mother is English but because I was born abroad before 1983 to a British mother, I don't have a right to claim automatic citizenship. As of November 2010, the law was finally changed so that I can claim my right to British citizenship but there are unfair "conditions" - submitting an application (which can be denied) paying a fee (£80) and the need to attend a citizenship ceremony. The registration form and citizenship ceremony are intended for foreigners who don't have a British parent. This is unjustified discrimination and I have created a website called British by Descent to campaign for Citizenship Equality.

A View from England consists of a hodgepodge about various topics that interest me as well as musings about life in England and the USA.

I'm particularly interested in discussions about current events, politics, parenting, education, health, science, nature and the environment. I'm also very concerned about civil liberties. and the government's plans for an ID card and National Identity Scheme which I strongly oppose. 
[the coalition Government announced they are abolishing the ID cards and National Identity Register scheme!]

I moderate all comments on my blog. I do this to control spam. I never delete a comment just because someone disagrees with me. I will however delete any comments containing abusive language. I welcome debate...as long as you are polite!


You may contact me via email:  expatwriter@gmail.com

I also have a book blog called Bookish Magpie and I will happily accept books for review.