Friday, May 29, 2009

Britain's Got Talent 2009:semi final 5:Aidan Davis & Hollie Steel make the final

Britain's Got Talent 2009 The last of the semi-finals with eight more acts: First up is The Dream Bears. They are a trio of men doing a comedy dance. I think they are funny (and quite camp) but not that talented. Simon buzzed them, which didn't surprise me. And he told them it was "a bit clumsy and the costumes didn't fit." True. Piers said he found it very funny and said he loved it. Amanda said "it was a lovely bit of credit crunch camp." Good Evans a family singing group are next. Oh dear, I don't think they are doing very well - Piers buzzed them when they had barely started. The eldest, Elliot is the one with the talent. The mom and dad and two daughters not so much. Piers aaid Elliot is the star but the whole act was a disaster. Amanda said she thought it was "a great performance, well done." Simon said it wasn't the right song for Elliot's voice. I doubt they will get through to the final. And now it's Luke Clements the Juggler/Street Performer. He was quite good in his first performance - very entertaining. I wonder what he will do tonight. Well not good at all. Simon buzzed him, then Amanda and then Piers so he didn't even get to finish his act. What a shame. I was impressed with how he juggled the fire sticks. Amanda said he wasn't unique like in his audition,and that he was just a run of the mill juggler. Piers said his act didn't go to another level. The next act is 10-year-old Hollie Steel. She impressed the judges with her singing but not her dancing in her audition. She's just singing tonight though, not dancing - which is very wise. She's singing "Eidelweiss" from The Sound of Music. What a beautiful voice. Oh dear, she started to fall apart - from nerves I think - and they had to stop the show because she started to break down and appeared to be crying. Holly wants to start over again and was told they don't have time so she sobbed even more. Poor little girl. The show is live and everything stopped while her mother tried to comfort her as did Amanda and the hosts, Ant & Dec. They went to an advert break but Simon promised Hollie they will try to find the time so she can do it again. So after the advert, they announced that Hollie will return later in the programme after she has time to compose herself. Martin Machum a guitarist/singer is next. I remember that after his first performance, his mother in law marched out and told off Simon. Very funny that! Anyway, he's good but not that good. Simon buzzed him. Amanda said she loved it and thought he had improved. Simon didn't like his voice and didn't like the guitar playing but liked the band. Poor guy. I think he knows he won't get through to the final. 12-year-old Aidan Davis, a very talented dancer is on now. Wow - he's really fantastic, even better than his audition! That boy can really dance. Amanda said he "absolutely blew me away." Simon told him, "whatever it is, you've got it. Great charisma, great routine." And Piers told him "you've got something very special." Hollie Steel is back again. I'm so glad the producers of the show decided to give her a second chance because she is a very talented singer. Simon told her "You are officially now the bravest girl in the world." And he added that she "performed beautifully." Piers said she "did one of the gutsiest things", and that she should be very proud of herself, and that she is "a beautiful singer." Amanda said, "Hollie, I knew you could do it. You have a beautiful, innocent, pure voice. Well done." DCD Seniors, a dance troupe are on next. They are good but I wouldn't say they are brilliant. Simon and Piers said there have been a lot of dance groups on already. Amanda said they have the sparkle that we need in the final. I think she was just being kind. Greg Pritchard the male soprano is the final act on tonight's show. Simon buzzed him shortly after he started singing. I thought he was very good - it was weird though to hear him switch from a normal man's voice to a high female sounding voice. Piers told him his act was "extraordinary, weird but I loved it" and that he was "totally unique, oringinal." Amanda said he was "a little bit shaky, lost your timing, surprising good performance" Simon said that "at one point I thought I was in the middle of a horror movie." I thought that was a very cruel remark. Paul Potts is the special guest performer on tonight's show. Now it's down to the audience vote and the audience chose Aidan Davis. The judges have to choose between second and third place as chosen by the audience. They are Hollie Steel and Greg Pritchard. All three judges chose Hollie Steel. So the two acts (from tonight's semi-final)going through to the final are Aidan Davis and Hollie Steel. I think they are the two that deserved to go through. What do you think? The final is on tomorrow evening - Saturday, 30th May. I think it is going to be a very exciting show! The following are the 10 acts selected for the final: Susan Boyle - singer Diversity - dance troupe Shaun Smith - singer Flawless - dance troupe Stavros Flatley - Father and son comedy dance duo Shaheen Jafargholi (age 12) singer Julian Smith - Saxophonist 2 Grand - Grandfather and granddaughter singing act Aidan Davis (age 11) - dancer Hollie Steel (age 10) - singer Related posts from my blog: Britain's Got Talent 2009: Singing sensation Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent 2009: Hollie Steel - little girl with a big voice Britain's Got Talent 2009: Episode 4: Jamie Pugh sings "Bring Him Home" - another star in the making Britain's Got Talent 2009: Episode 5 - Shaun Smith impresses judges Britain's Got Talent 2009: Episode 6 : 11-yr-old Aiden Davis steals the show Britain's Got Talent 2009: first semi final: Susan Boyle & Diversity through to final Britain's Got Talent 2009: second semi-final/Shaun Smith and Flawless will be in final Britain's Got Talent 2009: semi-final 3: Stavros Flatly & Shaheen Jafargholi make the final Britain's Got Talent 2009:semi final 4: Julian Smith & 2 Grand make the final Britain's Got Talent 2009 Final: The winner is Diversity!


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