Saturday, May 30, 2009

Britain's Got Talent 2009 Final: The winner is Diversity!

Britain's Got Talent 2009: Final
The following are the 10 acts selected for the final:

Susan Boyle - singer
Diversity - dance troupe
Shaun Smith (age 17) - singer
Flawless - dance troupe
Stavros Flatley - Father and son comedy dance duo
Shaheen Jafargholi (age 12) singer
Julian Smith - Saxophonist
2 Grand - Grandfather and granddaughter singing act
Aidan Davis (age 11) - dancer
Hollie Steel (age 10) - singer

Only one act can win this talent contest though and tonight we find out who wins.

The winner gets to perform their act for Prince Charles at the prestigious Royal Variety Show, and pick up a cheque for £100,000

The BGT Final is starting now. Will Susan Boyle win? Who knows? There are 10 acts and they are all good.

Intro, Piers said it's really nice that we have something that takes our minds off of the greedy bankers and corrupt politicians. Here Here.

Flawless, the dance troupe are up first. Wow - they are good! They look like professionals.Very inventive act & flawless moves!

Simon said, "You didn't put a foot wrong." Piers said, "I'm not sure there are many other dance troupes as good as you in the world now. Amanda - "You make me proud to be British. It's the best performance you've done yet. Well done."

Shaheen Jafargholi is next. What a voice - and he's only 12. Amazing talent! He's so cute too - I love his dimples! The other contestants have got to follow two great acts.

Piers - "Absolutely unbelievable. That was incredible! You have got better and better."
Amanda - "Utterly extraordinary. Absolute star quality. Amazing, well done, stronger and stronger everytime."
Simon - "I'm of two minds - after last night - about putting kids on the show. but after that performance, why shouldn't we? Win or lose. this is a great thing that happened to you. Super talent and I have to say this - you're in with a good chance of winning this."

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Aidan Davis is next. He was very, very good again but.. his act looked very much the same as his previous performance. I don't think he had time to think up something new after just being on last night's show.

Amanda - "I love your genius dancing. superstar attitude, a superstar waiting to happen, absolutely fantastic."
Simon - "Great but I have to be honest with you - not as good as last night. You still have your talent and whatever happens you still have a future ahead of you."
Piers - "I don't agree. People have to remember you are self-taught and you are brilliant. You were better than last night."

2 Grand (the grandfather and granddaughter singing act) are on now. They sang "A whole new world" and performed well together, good but not brilliant. They are a very charming act, very sweet but I don't think they aren't good enough to win.

Simon - "I think nerves got the best of you tonight. You've got as far as you are going to go. I don't think you're going to win."
Piers -"I'm so pleased you're here. The fact that you made it is an incredible tribute to you two."
Amanda - "I fell in love with the pair of you."


Hollie Steel - She sang beautifully - no tears tonight! What a perfect performance. I have to say she has a beautiful voice - and probably has a very good chance of winning. And she's only 10 years old.

Piers - "You were great, you sang absolutely beautifully", "looked confident", like a star," "wonderful."
Amanda - "You were better than yesterday." and " look beautiful."
Simon - "You were fantastic. You coped with all the pressure and handled it beautifully. You are back in the competition, not through pity but through talent, and that's where you want to be."

Stavros Flatley - They are always very entertaining. I love watching their act. And they were great again tonight. I love the way the father and son so obviously enjoy doing their act together. And they really love each other which is obvious. It's great to see.

Amanda - "I'm fit to burst. You're my secret favourite act. I want you to win the show."
Simon - "Absolute utter genius. it's about how people make you feel and for whatever reason, you make people feel good. It's an absolute privilege and honour to have you on the show."
Piers - "It would be absolutely hilarious if you two performed at the royal variety show."


Shaun Smith is next. I think he's a great singer. And his performance tonight was just as good as his first perfomance. Such a natural talent. And he's so young - only 17.

Simon - "You gave the performance of your life. You sang the song beautifully. Great voice. You have a great shot at it. Well done."
Piers - "great performance."
Amanda - "vocally fantastic."

Susan Boyle is next! I thought they'd save her for last but they didn't. I'm disappointed that she chose to sing the same song as on her first audition. She's still a beautiful singer though. The audience are on their feet. She was wonderful. But will the British public vote for her? She has some tough competition.

Piers - "Wow. You've had a very difficult week, center of negative attention. And you sing better than you did last time. That to me was the greatest performance in BGT. You should win. I loved it."
Amanda - "You sang it so well this evening. You did it for Scotland. You did it for Great Britain."
Simon -"You had the guts to come back and face your critics. I got to know the real Susan. You can walk away with your head held high. I absolutely adore you."


Diversity are up next. Brilliant!! Amazing! Brilliant! Wow! Diversity are incredible. Honestly, they are a super talented dance troupe. I think they could win the competition. (funny, I keep saying that about nearly every act but they are all so very talented).

Amanda - "You rendered me speechless. Your choreography is second to none. I think you blew Flawless out of the water. There is room for you somewhere out there. A real contender tonight. There is no assumption about who will win this show."
Simon - "Right now all bets are off. If I was giving marks, I'd give you 10. There was not a step out of place, sheer and utter perfection."
Piers said "I thought flawless did better." (I think he's wrong. Diversity are incredible and much better)

Julian Smith, the saxophonist is the final act. Lovely. He's such a class act. I think everyone enjoys listening to him play. He seems like such a nice guy too.

Simon -"You did it, you gave the performance of your life. Brilliant, you have every talent."
Piers - "This was an absolutely perfect way to end the night - so naturally talented and so cool as well."
Amanda -"You've got a career after that. You're going to go a long way."

The audience vote is in: the top three acts are Susan Boyle, Julian Smith & Diversity.

Julian Smith came in third place and Susan Boyle earned second place.

The winner is: Diversity!!!


  1. I watched this programme because of your blog.

    It now joins my list of once watched - never again.

    The list gets longer by the day.

    Thank goodness for radio.

  2. Oh dear. I'm flattered that you say you watched the show because of my blog but I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the show. I feel a bit embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed the whole series. I know it's just a talent show but I thought it was entertaining. And it's one of the few "family" shows that we actually do watch together.

    And I have to say that I think the winning act, Diversity, are very worthy winners. They are incredibly talented and deserve to win the £100,000 prize and the chance to perform at the Royal Variety Show in December.

  3. Sorry, I have to disagree, Maureen. I was very disappointed that Diversity won, nice guys that they obviously are. And as for the judges comments on Stavros Flatley, What planet are they on? I really wanted Hollie to be in the final three and Susan Boyle to win.

  4. The trouble is that there could only be one winner and it was down to the public vote and the majority voted for Diversity. I have to say though that I was very surprised that Julian Smith, the saxophonist was in the final three. He's very good but I agree with you - Hollie should have been in the final three. She has an amazing voice!

  5. I enjoyed watching and definitely thought Diversity deserved it!

  6. They are incredibly talented aren't they? I think they deserved to win too.