Thursday, March 12, 2009

Women make history as Chelsea Pensioners

Female army veterans become first women Chelsea pensioners Royal Hospital, Chelsea, takes new step after 300 years One of the army's oldest institutions took the arrival of two pioneers from what some – but not old soldiers – might think of as the monstrous regiment of women in its stride today, as two female veterans became the first women Chelsea pensioners. It has taken the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, founded by Charles II in 1682 for "the succour and relief of veterans broken by age and war", more than 300 years to accept women army veterans; though Dorothy Hughes and Winifred Phillips, both in their 80s, looked very far from broken as they posed in their new uniforms. (link via This is wonderful news. Congratulations Dorothy and Winifred! Well done! Related link on the web: The Royal Hospital Chelsea - The Home of The Chelsea Pensioner


  1. At long last! In so many ways military women have been ignored or overlooked. xx

  2. Indeed, flighty, it's about time women are recognized and included with the other Chelsea Pensioners.