Thursday, March 12, 2009

De-Lurking Day

I can't help but notice there are a number of people who are reading my blog but never leave any comments so I have declared today "De-Lurking Day" on my blog! I got the idea from this post by AriWriter. I think it's a great idea and I'm hoping this will encourage people to de-lurk. So come on people, don't be shy! Please stop lurking and post a comment. Tell me who you are and what you want to read about! Did you visit my blog looking for some specific information? How did you find my blog? I would appreciate it if you just said hello. And feel free to tell me a bit about yourself and your own blog.


  1. It'll be interesting to see what response you get to this post.
    For me reading, and often commenting on, other peoples blogs is as enjoyable as doing my own posts. Although I must admit that there a few blogs that I follow which I rarely comment on! xx

  2. Hi Flighty, how kind of you to leave a comment on this post - and very typical of you! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments.

    I enjoy reading other blogs too and I try to leave comments, although admittedly, I don't sometimes.

    I hope I get a good response. I'm beginning to lose hope for this blog and may just give it up. I'm beginning to feel quite disheartened by the lack of comments.

  3. You're welcome! I really do appreciate just how disheartening it must be to get so few comments.
    I also suspect that it's very often the reason why many people stop blogging.
    I'll certainly miss this blog if you do decide to give it up. xx

  4. Thanks Flighty, I appreciate your support and encouragement.

  5. I saw the ping, so figured I'd stop by and say hi. I live about an hour north of Boston, a few miles shy of the New Hampshire border. At the mouth of the Merrimack River that runs from the White Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. The US Coast Guard was born here, a little known fact.

    There's also a significant British connection, due to the city name derived from the Olde Newberry Plantation or such (there's a Wikipedia entry that goes into the history) which is the same name or similar as a village west of London somewhere, I think?

    Anyway, downtown Newburyport is home to a Best of British shop with imported dry foods and fragrances and clothing from the UK. Check out

  6. Hello Ari! Thanks for stopping by and sharing information about where you live. I visited Boston many years ago (I was about 12 years old) and I remember how much I liked Boston as well as all of New England. I didn't know the US Coast Guard was born there.

    I'm originally from Minneapolis but I live in a small market town near London now. I've been living here for 22 years so it's "home" for me. It's certainly different to life in Minneapolis!

  7. I always read via my google reader and I am an occasional commentator... :o) Sometimes coming over here is a bit like reading the newspaper only over here you get the best bits first!
    It's daffy btw but I'm struggling to post a comment.

  8. Hi Daffy! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I appreciate it.

  9. Hi,
    I read your blog usually through google reader and often in chunks.

    I live in Reno Nevada but lived outside of London when I was 17. My parents lived in Wales while I was in college so I spent summers in Wales. My Dad worked for an oil company. I was born in Hibbing, Minnesota

    I enjoy your blog a lot. Keep writing.


  10. Hello Marion, I'm pleased that you have "de-lurked" (sounds quite wicked doesn't it? LOL) and introduced yourself. Thank you for your kind words. I was beginning to wonder if I should stop blogging and your encouragement to keep writing means a lot to me. I really appreciate it.

    I've never been to Nevada. It's very interesting to learn that you used to live outside London and your parents lived in Wales. And to top it off, you were born in Minnesota. Well hello to a fellow Minnesotan! I'm very pleased to "meet" you.