Thursday, March 12, 2009

Short-legged pony sparks 999 calls

'Sausage-pony' prompts 999 calls A pony with short legs and a long body has caused numerous people to call the emergency services in the mistaken belief she is stuck in the mud. (link via BBC News) When I read about this story, I laughed because from looking at the picture, the pony does indeed look like a horse that has sunk into the mud! It's a funny story but a real shame that the animal rescue team are losing so much time on call-outs for this short-but-healthy pony. And then I thought of an easy solution which I notice is actually mentioned in the article - that is to erect signs to let people know it's just a very short-legged pony and not stuck in the mud!


  1. We had a cat, who insisted on sitting on the ridge tiles of the cottage surveying all her territory.

    Finally we put up a notice. 'Please do not ring the doorbell about the cat on the roof. We know - she loves it'.

    mrs K

  2. Funny! I can just picture that. I love your solution - simple and yet very effective.