Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rock Port, Missouri:the first town in the USA to be completely powered by wind

Rock Port, Missouri is the first town in the United States to be completely powered by wind. The town's four turbines generate more electricity than Rock Port's 1,300 residents use — making the town truly energy-independent. (link via I think it's quite an accomplishment for their community and well done to them! Personally, I have mixed feeling about wind farms though. I can see the need for ways to become self-sufficient and using renewable energy sources but I prefer solar energy to wind farms because the huge turbines pose a risk to birds and their habitats. Also, the wind farms are such a blight on the landscape. What are your thoughts about wind farms? And would you consider installing a wind turbine on your property or do any of your neighbours have one installed on theirs? I'd like to know if they are very noisy as has been reported.

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