Friday, August 8, 2008

The Olympics are more important than Russia invading Georgia - according to the BBC

Russia goes to war. Important? Not if you ask the BBC Russia has attacked Georgia. They are fighting RIGHT NOW. It’s David vs Goliath, and Georgia has requested for US help in defending itself. Should the US accept, we’ll have the US (which may eventually mean UK too) vs Russia. Two of the world’s biggest superpowers. But hold on, this isn’t big news. Oh no. It’s very insignificant — according to the BBC. There’s an Olympic ceremony going on, didn’t you know, and having spent millions of licence-fee payers’ cash, they seem reluctant to drop the Olympics as their lead story online. (link via Dave Lee J Blog) It's true - I just had a look at the BBC website and their lead story is still "Spectacular ceremony opens Beijing Olympics" splashed across the top of the page. (This is at 5:15 pm - British time - when the Olympic opening ceremony finished) You have to scroll down for other news stories, including the one titled, Russian tanks enter South Ossetia.

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