Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is it 'The End' for popcorn at the movies?

A growing number of cinemas are barring the snack because it is too downmarket and messy (link via Okay. I admit it. I love popcorn and even though it's very pricey, we almost always buy popcorn at the cinema. It's part of the whole fun movie experience and we enjoy it. Popcorn and a movie just go together, don't they? I think it would make more sense for all the sweets (candy) to be banned since the rustling of sweet wrappers is so distracting and annoying. What do you think about the idea of cinemas banning popcorn?


  1. Hi Maureen, Popcorn at the movies is just traditional and itd be a shame if it were banned. It is extremely messy though.

    My daughter one had her wiggly tooth come out half way through watching a film, and it dropped on the floor. At the end, when the lights came on, we got on the floor to search for it so the tooth fairy could give her her dues that night, but can you imagine what a search it was for a tooth among all the dropped popcorn?!!

  2. Hi Ruby, I agree about popcorn being messy - but it tastes so darn good and it's a nice treat to go with the whole movie experience.

    That story about your daughter's loose tooth is funny - I could see where you were heading before I finished reading - LOL! A tooth amongst all the popcorn on the floor is easy to imagine.