Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My home town (Minneapolis) profiled in NY Times article

This is a nice profile of my home town: 36 Hours in Minneapolis-St. Paul There is a depth of cultural amenities to Minneapolis, and its not-so-twin city St. Paul, that will surprise a first-time visitor. And please remember, when they ask you at the coffee shop, “How you doing, today?” they really want to know. (link via The New York Times) It makes me proud to be from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Minneapolis Welcomes RNC Delegates & Visitors For four days in September, Minneapolis Saint Paul will shine in an international spotlight. More than 45,000 visitors, including 15,000 national and international media representatives and others will be in the Twin Cities for the Republican National Convention to be held at the RiverCentre/Xcel Energy Center Complex in Saint Paul. _____ Minneapolis Saint Paul is often ranked as among the top metropolitan regions in the country, and the Republican National Convention gives us an opportunity to show the rest of the world why. With thousands of national and international media on the scene, we are sure to benefit from this kind of exposure for years to come. (link via Official Web Site of the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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