Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Village pub in England trades home-grown food for free beer

Locals at a village pub in Norfolk are beating the credit crunch by bartering home-grown produce for pints. The Pigs public house, in Edgefield, near Holt, encourages drinkers to contribute to its traditional food menu in return for free alcohol. A sign placed inside the pub reads: "If you grow, breed, shoot or steal anything that may look at home on our menu, bring it in and let's do a deal." Fresh fruit, fish, meat and vegetables have been traded for pints. (link via BBC News) What a fantastic idea! I think more pubs should do this - it's a win win situation since the pub gets a supply of fresh, home-grown food and the customer earns a free drink. How great is that? It's also a great way to encourage community spirit. The Pigs pub: Norwich Road, Edgefield,Holt, Norfolk, England

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