Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jeremy Clarkson to be prime minister? "Maybe not" responds Downing Street via video

Critics fail to see funny side of No 10's Jeremy Clarkson video Sometimes you just can't win. After years of being criticised for the dire nature of its online video content, Downing Street has just come up with something that's really – pretty good. It's a response to an e-petition. In April the website received a petition calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be made prime minister (citing, as a reason, "Jezza is a legend", which I suppose is true). Downing Street always posts responses to petitions and normally the replies to the jokey ones are pretty terse. But last night, in response to the Clarkson request, it put up this. (link via For those of you who may not know, Jeremy Clarkson is one of the hosts of a popular British TV show - about cars - called TopGear.

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