Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Doris Day!

Doris Day is 89 today! I love all her movies, especially when she sings. She has such a beautiful voice.

I loved her in The Man Who Knew Too Much with Jimmy Stewart, when she sings 'Que Sera Sera'

and she sings "The Windy City" and shows her talent for dancing as well as singing in the movie, Calamity Jane:

What are your favourite Doris Day movies?


  1. She's always been a favourite of mine, as indeed is James Stewart!
    I like the two films, Move Over Darling and The Thrill of It All, that she did with James Garner who's another favourite of mine.
    Flighty xx

  2. I adore James Stewart and James Garner too!

    Good movie choices, Flighty! xx

  3. I have always loved Doris Day. Me and my dad used to watch her movies together. My favorites are 'Calamity Jane' and 'Pillow Talk'

  4. Hi Kris. Yes, Pillow Talk was a good one too. Doris Day made quite a few movies with Rock Hudson. They had such chemistry together.