Monday, February 1, 2010

Follow a Museum Day on Twitter

Sometimes the simple ideas really are the best!
The first Follow a Museum Day was today, February 1st 2010, to help draw attention to the museums on Twitter, and get more people to consider following a museum.
The hashtag #followamuseum is being used to help everyone follow the subject on Twitter.
It is really a fabulous idea because I've discovered quite a few museums to follow and to bookmark for reference when I'm looking for ideas for museums to visit.
Here's a list of museums in the UK to follow on twitter:
I was already following some of them but I found some new ones too, such as; Museum of Childhood , The Museum of English Rural Life , The Computer Museum , At Bristol and The British Postal Museum & Archive (if you're on Flickr and have photographs of anything British and postal, you can add it to Britain's Postal Heritage )
I really enjoyed this idea. It was very interesting to find out more about various museums. And I'm sure the publicity it generated will help the museums a lot.


  1. Here's a new one for you. I was there on Sunday.

  2. Very interesting! I have never heard of Amersham Organ Museum with its collection of Fairground Organs. I bet you had fun there.

    Thanks for sharing the info!