Monday, January 18, 2010

ContactPoint children's database suffers security breaches

ContactPoint database suffers 'serious' security breaches during trial phase The controversial database containing personal details of all 11 million children in England has suffered at least three security breaches even before its nationwide launch. (link via Telegraph) I've written about the ContactPoint database before. I've always been against the idea but of course that doesn't matter. Parents don't have a say - unless you are a celebrity or a politician because they are concerned about the security of their children's details, and they can opt out!! And surprise, surprise! The big fear was that it wouldn't be secure (no database is 100% secure) and sure enough there have been at least three security breaches already - before its nationwide launch! I wonder how the parents in England that supported the idea of the database, feel about it now. Can there be anyone who still believes ContactPoint is a good idea?


  1. That's typical of all government computer systems and despite what they tell us it will only get worse! Flighty xx

  2. Sadly, I can only agree with you Flighty.