Saturday, May 2, 2009

Britain's Got Talent: Episode 4: Jamie Pugh sings "Bring Him Home" - another star in the making

It's Saturday night and I'm watching the fourth show of the series, Britain's Got Talent. So far tonight, the "talent" has been absolutely terrible until a couple girls playing keyboard and electric violin performed and were buzzed off but then... Simon called back the girl playing the violin, Sue Son, and told her she could come back for another chance to audition but it would have to be on her own. And she did, and she was fantastic. It was no surprise that all three judges said yes to her. I loved the performance by the cute 12 year-old boy, Callum Francis, singing "Consider Yourself" from Oliver, and was pleased when all three judges said yes. He had the sweetest grin on his face, and seemed like a delightful little boy with a natural talent. The three charming elderly ladies (called Knit 'n' Natter) teaching finger-knitting while music played were very sweet but definitely not a talent worthy of winning so no surprise that they were buzzed off, although Piers said yes - to be kind I think. The guy performing "lip saxophone" was hysterical. I know he thought he was talented but my goodness, he didn't even sound like a saxophone. But Amanda and Piers voted yes for his act. Unbelievable! I agree with Simon when he said he sounded like a baby crying. The last act was definitely the best. Wow! Jamie Pugh is an incredibly beautiful singer. He's a pizza delivery man but I have a feeling not for much longer! The poor man was obviously shaking from stage fright while he sang "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables but his voice was simply stunning. The whole audience were on their feet. Simon Cowell told him, "Its people like you who are the reason why we come to Wales every year, I think you could be a special talent, but you have to start believing in yourself." He got three yes votes from the judges. Jamie Pugh: Britains Got Talent Episode 4 What did you think of episode 4? What do you think of the series so far? I think a lot of people presumed Susan Boyle will win but I wonder if they are so certain now. There are other very talented contestants. There's also 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi from the second show and 10-year-old Hollie Steel, from the third show. And of course, Jamie Pugh, from tonight's show. I think Jamie has a very good chance of winning the competition. What do you think? Related posts from my blog: Brtain's Got Talent 2009: Singing sensation Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent 2009: Hollie Steel - little girl with a big voice Britain's Got Talent: Episode 5 - Shaun Smith impresses judges Britain's Got Talent: Episode 6 : 11-yr-old Aiden Davis steals the show Britain's Got Talent 7 - final auditions & The Final 40 Britain's Got Talent:The first of the live semi-finals - Susan Boyle is singing tonight (Sunday, May 24, 2009)


  1. What a talent!! He will surely give Susan Boyle a run for her money. It is no longer a one horse race. Go Jamie!!!!

  2. I agree that Susan Boyle isn't the guaranteed winner. Jaime Pugh is a very talented singer as well.

    The competition is certainly getting more intense now. There's also 12 year old Shaheen Jafargholi from the second show and Hollie Steel, a 10-year-old, from the third show.

    All great singers!

  3. I think everyone saying Susan is going to win is a bit silly after one episode to be honest. There was always bound to be others to rival any good act.

    I thought last nights episode was a bit rubbish to be honest..Sue Son was brilliant though.

  4. I agree that it was silly for everyone to assume that Susan was the winner when she was in the very first episode. I think she has a good chance of winning but the show is in its early stages and there are still a lot more people to audition.

    I was impressed with Jamie Pugh and think he is a very talented singer but he will have a tough time in the competition if he can't get over his stage fright.

    And yes, Sue Son was very good too. I'm so glad the judges gave her a second chance although it's a shame that apparently it ruined her friendship when she decided to go solo.