Monday, April 20, 2009

Six Plants I Can’t Live Without

Now this is my kind of meme! This is something fun for everyone who enjoys gardening (as I do) - share your list of the six plants you can't live without. The meme is explained in this post from the "diggin' it blog" in The Christian Science Monitor:The six plants I can’t live without These are the writers of ten garden blogs across the US taking part in the original meme: Diggin' it blog - The Christian Science Monitor The Grumpy Gardener - Digging Defining Your Home Garden Fairegarden Fresh Dirt - list to be posted soon Gardening With Confidence Hoe and Shovel Jim Long's Garden - no list posted yet Sweet Home and Garden Chicago

I think all gardener's should feel free to participate in this meme so I've come up with my own list. It wasn't easy but I've decided these are my six plants I can't live without:

1. Lilac - We always had lilacs at my parent's house so I love them partly because of the feelings of nostalgia when I see them - and especially in the spring when I enjoy their heady scent - but also they are just so easy to grow and they are a fantastic old-fashioned plant to have in the garden.

2. Lavender - This is one of my all-time favourite plants. I love the different varieties and the fantastic scent and the way they attract bees. It can also happily flourish in containers as well as in the ground.

3. Marigold - This is another plant that I grew up with and I've always adored. I love the cheerful colours and all the different varieties. 4. Rose - I've always loved roses but found them difficult to grow in Minnesota where the growing season is so short. To be living in England where roses grow almost like weeds, I am in heaven! Roses are definitely a must-have plant in my garden!

5. Common box (Buxus sempervirens) - A beautiful, sturdy evergreen plant for topiary and hedges. I have some growing in pots and some in the garden.

6. Sunflowers - This is such an attractive plant and easy to grow and it attract bees and birds.

Okay it's your turn: name the six plants you can't live without and post the list on your blog and then put the link to your post in the comments.

I think it will be interesting to see what plants are on everyone's list!


  1. I don't usually like doing meme's but I've got to this one haven't I, and I may even do it tomorrow!
    Two, possibly three, of yours will be on my list as well! xx

  2. I don't usually like doing memes either but this one appealed to me. And I was counting on you to take part, so thanks Flighty! I hope your participation might tempt others to take part too.

  3. I love your choices! It about killed me to leave roses off my original list. Besides lilacs, marigolds are the only plant on your list that I don't grow every year. (Not enough space for annuals in my big pots usually.) But now that you've reminded me how much I like the tall yellow African (or American) marigolds, I realize I have to get some this year for my mixed containers.

  4. Thank you, Judy! It took ages for me to choose the final six - there are so many plants that I love but I finally narrowed it down to these six for the reasons that I gave. I'm glad I reminded you about marigolds. They are such cheerful plants and they bloom for ages.

  5. I enjoyed reading your selections, Maureen. Boxwood and roses seem like classic and beautiful choices for an English garden, and certain varieties grow very well here in Austin, Texas, as well. Like Judy, I found it difficult to leave roses off my list and wish I'd had room for them. The tough, old antique roses work great with southwestern plants like agaves and prickly pear.

  6. Thanks, Pam. You are fortunate to live in Texas because your growing season is a lot longer than Minnesota! I can imagine roses do well there.

  7. I LOVE lilacs. Number one plant. And since living in the UK I have learned to really love Lavender. I am nostalgic about marigolds, but I could probably do without them. Bearded Irises I think would be on my list. And spring bulbs. Pale daffs I guess. Although I do really love hyacinths. Giant poppies are gorgeous! Oak and birch trees. Hmmm. thats seven and I have another twenty to go... Not very good at this am I? ;)

  8. LOL - join the club, Michelloui! It's not easy to choose just six is it? I love irises too and it was nearly on my list but I decided that I love marigolds more. Oh yes and I considered putting daffodils on my list and tulips too but of course you can only name six so...

    And then there are so many shrubs and trees and other plants, well as I said it isn't easy to name just six!

  9. Six, eh? 1. Rosemary 2. Basil 3. At least one orchid. 4. The climbing philodendron species 5. Some kind of fruit tree, preferably citrus. 6. Tomato.

  10. That's a good list too. I always think of orchids as exotic plants. I suppose they are more suited for the climate in Australia and are easier to grow there.