Friday, February 20, 2009

Million Ponds Project

Pond Conservation launched the Million Ponds Project yesterday. What is the Million Ponds Project? The Million Ponds Project will create an extensive network of new ponds across the UK. Ultimately the aim is to reverse a century of pond loss, ensuring that once again the UK has over one million countryside ponds. I have been considering creating a pond in our back garden but I keep procrastinating. I think this is the year that I will go ahead and create one. I would like to create a traditonal pond to attract frogs and other wildlife but I might start with something small like a barrel pond. Please share your tips and advice about creating a pond if you've created one yourself.


  1. How apt as I put my new pond on the plot today. It's only an upturned dustbin lid which I'm hoping the birds will use and insects, such as dragonflies, will be attracted to!
    Have a look at Georgies's Little London Garden blog which is one of my Lawn loungers favourites. She's very recently put a small traditional pond in her garden and blogged about it.

  2. While I'm "across the pond" in America, I LOVE this idea of the Million Ponds Project. I am a huge fan of the pond. Sadly, my first (and last) attempt at a pond was a disaster and it died a pitiful little death. So I have no advice that would be helpful, but you have inspired me to try again!

  3. That's very apt indeed, Flighty!

    I'll have a look at the blog you recommend. Thanks!

  4. I'm so pleased my post has inspired you to try again Karen!

    I figure if I start with something small - like the barrel pond, that I will feel more inclined to move onto a bigger project after that if it turns out well. I'll give it a try anyway.