Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Foyle's War" is returning with a new series

I think Foyle's War is one of the best British series on TV and so I was very surprised and quite annoyed when it was cancelled. It was a very popular drama so it didn't make sense for it to be dropped but I figured that was that. However, I read this good news today: Foyled again – ITV revives wartime drama Foyle's War The new three-part series of Foyle's War, with Michael Kitchen returning in the lead role, will start production this spring, picking up after the final episode of the last series, set in the final months of the second world war. And there was more good news about another wonderful British drama: ITV has also ordered four new Agatha Christie adaptations, including a new version of Murder on the Orient Express and three other TV films based on Christie's Poirot stories, which will feature David Suchet continuing his role as the fastidious Belgian detective. (link via guardian.co.uk) I am so pleased about this news! I don't watch a lot of TV but Foyle's War is a drama that I always enjoyed. The stories are consistently intriguing and I love all the attention to the details of the 1940s setting. And more Poirot - that's fantastic news too! I think David Suchet is absolutely perfect in his role as Hercule Poirot.


  1. I read this good news earlier today in next week's Radio Times.
    As you say David Suchet is the perfect Poirot!
    ITV have also commissioned four new Miss Marple stories. I loved Joan Hickson, wasn't keen on Geraldine McEwan and wonder what Julia Mckenzie will be like! xx

  2. Flighty, I'm pleased to hear about the new Miss Marple stories too.

    I thought Joan Hickson was the perfect Miss Marple but I'm hopeful that Julia McKenzie will be very good in the part too.

    I'm just so pleased that ITV have decided to film more of these great dramas!