Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brits panic buy as traditional lightbulbs are banned

Britons panic buying last stocks of conventional lightbulbs Britons are panic buying the last remaining stocks of traditional lightbulbs after the Government agreed to plans to phase them out completely. Britain has signed up to an European Union decision to replace conventional 100-watt bulbs with supposedly greener, low-energy alternatives. It means that the staple household item is vanishing from the high street after 120 years. (link via I understand the benefits to the environment for low-energy fluorescent bulbs but there are also some serious drawbacks. Have you noticed they take a while to warm up? I feel like I have candle-light when I first flip the switch to turn them on! And the new bulbs contain mercury so how are we supposed to dispose of them safely? Plus, there are potential health problems because the new light bulbs may trigger migraines and epilepsy attacks in some people. What are your thoughts about the new ruling? Will you miss the tradtional lightbulbs?


  1. I agree with your points, Maureen. My dad is ahead on this one. He already has a stockpile of old style bulbs. :)

  2. Thanks, Jenny. I bet a lot of people wish they had stockpiled the old bulbs like your dad has done.