Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Arctic weather grips England

It has been very, very cold in Britain lately, and most noticeably in southern England lately. How cold? The cold weather snap across Britain plunged to new temperature lows causing the sea to freeze in Dorset and bringing chaos to the roads. The sub-zero temperatures have frozen the sea at Poole Harbour in Sandbanks, Dorset, with ice reaching 20 yards from the shoreline. Southern England, normally immune to the worst of the weather, was gripped by conditions colder than parts of Iceland and Greenland overnight as temperatures fell close to minus 10.4F (12C) (link via Sandbanks is a small peninsula jutting out across the mouth of Poole Harbour on the English Channel coast at Poole in Dorset, England. In related news, because the temperature dropped below freezing for more than seven consecutive days, it means that pensioners, young families and severely disabled people are set to receive cold weather payments of £25. Millions of pensioners and vulnerable people around the UK have become eligible for cold weather payments. (link via BBC News) What is the weather like where you are? Related posts on my blog: Snow storm hits England (and most of Britain) - chaos on roads, rails & airports February 2, 2009 Brrr-itain: it's cold and we have snow! February 1, 2009


  1. Not as cold or as snowy as Minnesota. (A friend in Duluth said they had a couple of feet of snow on the ground before Christmas.) Still, we've had 8 snow days and 2 delayed starts for school already this winter - which is far more than usual. More ice than snow.

  2. Yeah, whenever I hear myself complaining about the cold weather here, I just remind myself of a Minnesota winter! Mind you, the cold here - in England - is a damp cold so it feels nearly as cold as Minnesota.

    It seems like everyone is having an unusually cold winter. They even had snow in Las Vegas last month!

    You live in New England, don't you? Which state?

  3. We live in Poole, Dorset and yes it is VERY COLD today. I went out to collect our 6-year old son from school at 15h00 this afternoon and my face was aching from the cold. There was frost all over and puddles of water were frozen.

    Kind regards
    Anne-Marie from Poole

  4. Hello Anne Marie! It does sound very cold there - Brrr. I hope it warms up soon.