Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Surfing the web is good for ageing brain

The internet beats books for improving the mature mind, say neuroscientists Scientists discovered that searching the world wide web exercised the mind far more than reading and was similar to completing crosswords and puzzles. Brain scans showed that going online stimulated larger parts of the brain than the relatively passive activity of reading a novel or non-fiction book. It was so stimulating that the authors of the study believe it could actually help people maintain healthier brains into their old age. (link via So as people get older, they should add surfing the net* to other mental activities like doing crossword puzzles and sudoku, to exercise the brain. *If you want to learn more: Learn the Net, a guide to the Internet and World Wide Web.


  1. I don't do crossword puzzles or sudoku but read lots of books and surf the net. I still have 'senior moments' though when my mind is a complete blank! xx

  2. Too funny, flighty! I read lots of books, do crossword puzzles, sudoku and I surf the net but I still have an occasional 'senior moment' too so I hate to think what I would be like if I didn't do any of those activities!