Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Queen is featured as a Google doodle

Have you looked at the Google page today? Queen Elizabeth is being honoured with a special Google Doodle because she is due to visit the Google London office: Google have inserted a picture of the Queen to the Google Doodle on its homepage to celebrate a forthcoming visit by Queen Elizabeth. (link via Doodle 4 Google: Time lapse video of Google Doodle creation shows Chief Google Doodler Dennis Hwang draw a Google Doodle from start to finish. Holiday Logos and Events - Google style!


  1. It's a great doodle. We really have come a long way. Twenty or thirty years ago, they could never have doodled the queen - that would have been considered far too disrespectful.

  2. You're right, iota. It shows how much things have changed.