Sunday, September 7, 2008

This made my day!

I had a lovely surprise today when I read a comment from Flighty, one of my regular readers -and one of the nicest bloggers on the web, I have to add - and he informed me that he had given me an award and to read about it on his blog, Flighty's plot, which of course I did, straight away. I have to say that he really made my day. I'm incredibly pleased and flattered that Flighty considers me to be an inspirational blogger (one of six) and that he kindly awarded me with the Tree of Happiness award! Apparently, the idea is to pass the award on to others by posting a similar entry and listing six things that make me happy, and pass on this lovely award to six other bloggers. Flighty (thoughtful as ever) has stressed that I don't have to feel obliged to do so, but I think I will. I'll give it some careful thought and post about it in the near future. Thank you, Flighty!


  1. This entry has made my day!
    Thank you for your kind words, and linked mentions.
    I look forward to reading the entry you're going to do about it. xx