Sunday, August 17, 2008

House-swapping: Have you tried it?

House-swapping is a very frugal way to take a holiday (and saving money certainly appeals!) but I've never tried it. There happens to be an interesting article in The Observer today about house-swapping: New York for a month without spending a dime House-swapping is the ultimate credit-crunch holiday - free accommodation and the chance to live like a local in a foreign city. Juliet Kinsman and family took the plunge last month, trading their British home for a funky Brooklyn brownstone It turns out their experience was a mixture of good and bad. I really don't think reading the article will convince anyone to give it a try, especially when the author of the article noted that on their return, they, "...discovered that our back doors had been wide open for days, having not been shut properly. Luckily, the only ones to take advantage of the invitation to step inside had been a few cats - though they had definitely left their scent. Had we been burgled we wouldn't have been insured, a situation that doesn't even bear thinking about." Yikes! Can you imagine returning home after a holiday and finding the doors wide open? And now that this is public knowledge (via the article published on the internet), I should think the Americans who they exchanged with will be feeling quite ashamed and very embarrassed! I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried house-swapping. Was it a good experience and would you do it again? If you had a bad experience, what happened?


  1. Most people who are not familiar with the concept of house swapping are somewhat apprehensive about leaving their home to a stranger.

    But those who have tried it will tell you that there's no better way to travel. Not only for the money you save but also the experience of living like a local while on holidays.

    There's always the possibility that something may go wrong during a home exchange. But that's also true if you're staying in a hotel!

    The best way to avoid any misunderstanding is to take the time to get to know the people you will be swapping with before committing to an exchange. Work out the details ahead of time. And only commit once you are 100% comfortable with the other person(s).

    Our home exchange website, has plenty of tips, articles, and videos for people interested in learning about home exchanging.

    And with listings in 130 countries, I'm certain anyone interested in swapping their home will find an exchange offer of interest.

    Home exchanging requires some effort but is well worth it.

  2. Thanks for the link and tips and information about house swapping!