Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Words & phrases that I like

After posting about some words and phrases that I dislike, I thought I'd write about some words and phrases that I like: 1. "The whole kit and kaboodle" - This expression always makes me smile. It's an amusing way to say the whole amount or all of it. 2. "Cahoots" - This is another word that I find amusing to hear or to say. To be "in cahoots" means secret partnership or conspiring together. 3. "Picnic" - I love the sound of the word and saying it makes me think of a warm, lazy summer day outdoors with good food and good company. 4. "Serendipity" - The word sounds nice to say and the meaning of the word (when you accidentally discover something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely)is also pleasant to think about. 5. "Quirky" - This is another word that is fun to say and has a fun meaning. 6. "Puddle" - It makes me think of the delightful aspect of rain, when you see children aplashing and having fun. 7. "Skedaddle" - It may be rather an old-fashioned way to say "I'm going to leave now" but I like saying it. 8. "Bumblebee" - I like bees and I like the sound of their name. 9. "Bamboozled" - it sounds better than "cheated" or "tricked" and it's fun to say. 10. "Kerfuffle" - It's fun to say, and a lot nicer than saying a disturbance or a fight. 11. "Meander" - it's something I like to do and the word is fun to say. 12. "Pocket" - a simple word for a useful thing. Related posts from my blog: What do you call your evening meal? What did you say? American English vs British English Should we give up on spelling correctly? Words (and phrases) I dislike

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