Monday, July 28, 2008

Words (and phrases) I dislike

I got the idea for this post after reading a post titled, Words I Hate - Okay Make That 'Intensely Dislike', on Michelle Mitchell's blog, Scribbit.

Here are some of the words (and phrases) I dislike:

1. "Pissed" This is an ugly, vulgar word that so many people seem to use. It has a couple meanings - to be drunk, or to be very angry. "To take the piss" is a British slang expression meaning to tease or ridicule, and "Piss off" is a rude dismissal like saying "F___ off". And of course, piss is also a slang word for urine.

2. "I heart that" What? Why do people use the word, heart as a verb, instead of using perfectly good words such as like, adore, fancy, relish, etc.? It's not cute, it's not clever. It's just silly and ridiculous.

3. "My bad" I know it means, "My mistake" but why not say my mistake? It's still two words so it's not dfficult.

4. "Gifted" When did the word, 'gift' become a verb?

5. "Crap" I think we all know the meaning of this word. It doesn't sound nice in polite conversation and I just don't like the word.

6. "WAGs" An acronym for wives and girlfriends. This was started by lazy British journalists. I hate it - it's a pathetic and demeaning acronym.

7. "At the end of the day" I really, really dislike this expression. It's a useless phrase, devoid of any meaning.

I'm sure there are words and phrases that annoy you too. Go ahead - share them by posting in the comments or post them on your own blog and leave a link.


  1. I agree with all these! As to what I dislike I'll have a think about it and do a second comment. xx

  2. They are annoying aren't they? I'm sure you will think of some of your own too.