Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cornish town launches curfew trial to combat rowdy teens

Cornish town of Redruth in curfew trial to combat rowdy youths at night (link via From now until the end of the summer holidays, in the quarter-mile-square area of town forming the Redruth North ward, police are asking parents to ensure their under-16s are home by 9pm, and their under-10s by 8pm. Police warn that if they encounter resistance from youths – or parents – names will be taken and Asbos or parenting orders may eventually follow. Thoughts? Do you think this campaign against anti-social behavior will work? Do you think a curfew should be imposed nation wide? Do you have a problem with teenagers in your area? Destination Guide for Redruth Redruth Town Council


  1. I don't think that it will make much difference sadly.
    The problem is nationwide albeit at varying levels. As to solutions...

  2. I tend to agree. The curfew will work only if all the parents support the idea and since it's only a temporary solution (during the summer break), it won't solve the anti-social behavior problem, even if it was implemented nationwide.