Wednesday, July 16, 2008

UK and Ireland rank bottom in Quality of Life Survey

Oh dear. I know I tend to post a lot of negative articles about life in Britain and I try not to (I actually love living in England) but here's another one: Britons have the second lowest quality of life in Europe caused by high fuel prices, rising energy bills, long working hours and lack of sunshine, according to a new survey. European Quality of Life Index 1. Spain 2. France 3. Germany 4. Netherlands 5. Denmark 6. Sweden 7. Italy 8. Poland 9. UK 10. Ireland (link via


  1. It doesn't surprise me sadly! xx

  2. Nor me. I think the result was very predictable.

  3. These results are highly dubious, as ever for a sponsored survey. This particular survey was paid for by a website that offers price comparisons and has a vested interest in persuading people that they are paying too much for a range of goods, and can get better deals elsewhere. They simply would not be interested in survey results which had any other outcome.

    The lazy reporting I see in the British press is one of the things that dismayed me most when I was there.

    Look at something more robust like the Eurofoiund report and a very different more complex picture emerges.

  4. Thanks for your comment about the survey. I agree that it's important to be wary of results from sponsored surveys however, it's also true that we do in fact have very high fuel prices in Britain, rising energy bills and a lack of sunshine. It's easy to believe the UK and Ireland rank bottom in a European quality of life survey.

    According to the Quality of Living global city rankings – Mercer survey - in the UK, London ranks 38, while Birmingham and Glasgow are jointly 56. Switzerland and Germany dominate the European cities with the best quality of living.

    Thanks for recommending Eurofound. I will check it out.