Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bonekickers - new BBC show is a load of tosh

BBC1's 'Bonekickers' drops 1.6m The audience for Bonekickers, BBC One's new archaeological drama, dropped by 1.6m for last night's second episode. The show, starring Julie Graham and Adrian Lester, was watched by 5.2m (24.3%) between 9pm and 10pm. The figure is a 23.5% decline from last week's audience of 6.8m (30.5%) (link via I'm not surprised. I have to say that the premise (and the stupid title) for this new show put me off so I didn't even bother watching the first episode last week. Last night, I was channel surfing and I thought I'd give it a try but I gave up after about five minutes. Bonekickers has to be one of the most unwatchable shows on TV! Absolute rubbish. official site: Bonekickers


  1. In that case I'm glad I didn't watch it! xx

  2. You didn't miss anything, that's for sure.