Thursday, June 26, 2008

National Insect Week 2008

I just found out that it's National Insect Week 2008 (23rd to 29th June). As a keen gardener, I also enjoy observing insects - especially bees and butterflies. The National Insect Week site provides a handy page profiling twelve of Britain’s fascinating insects and I was particularly interested to read about the Black Garden Ant – (Lasius niger) and learn this fascinating fact:
This species and a related Lasius species are essential for the conservation of the declining populations of the attractive Silver-Studded Blue Butterfly (Plebejus argus) on heathland because they protect the butterfly’s caterpillars from predators in return for feeding on secretions specially produced by the caterpillars.
There are more interesting insect facts on the site and if you wonder how to attract more insects to your garden, the site provides some tips about How To Make Your Garden Insect Friendly. If you take part in their fun competition and vote for an insect in four categories – Good, Bad, Beautiful and Ugly, you will be eligible for a chance to win a book or a DVD.


  1. Thanks for this good, and informative, entry. I get plenty of honey bees on the plot as a neighbour keeps hives on his. I've seen few butterflies so far sadly! xx

  2. You're welcome. I've always been fascinated by bees and think that keeping bees would be a very interesting hobby.