Thursday, June 26, 2008

Controversial TV advert: Heinz Deli Mayo shows men kissing

There has been a lot of discussion in the UK media and in the blogosphere lately about the controversy following a TV ad showing two men kissing, that was pulled because it attracted more than 200 complaints. In a counter response, there is a petition to reinstate the ad and today, I noticed a BBC News report about how MPs are calling for the advert to be reinstated. I think it's incredible that MPs (Members of Parliament) are getting involved now. I tend to try and avoid watching TV adverts and always mute them. I don't even recall seeing this particular advert but after watching the video, I really can't understand why there is so much fuss. First of all, it's meant as a joke, with the British "mum" transformed into a man with a New York accent making sandwiches as if he is at a deli counter, so the children and the husband don't really 'see' the man - it's the TV audience that do. The kiss between the two men is really supposed to be the husband kissing his wife. Saying that, even if some viewers didn't get the joke and they think it's meant to be two gay men raising kids, why is it deemed to be so offensive to cause more than 200 complaints? The advert wasn't even shown during children's programmes (because the product is high in fat, salt and sugar), if that's what they were so worried about! In my opinion, I think Heinz made a big mistake pulling the ad because the fall-out from all the publicity has been mostly negative. In my view, the advert is quite clever and funny - certainly more entertaining than most adverts! What are your thoughts about the advert? Do you find it offensive? Do you think Heinz should have pulled the ad or do you think Heinz should reinstate it?

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