Friday, November 25, 2011

JK Rowling testifies at Leveson Inquiry

I've been watching bits of the Leveson Inquiry this week. I thought JK Rowling's testimony yesterday was particularly compelling.

This is an excerpt from the hearing yesterday. The author tells the Leveson Inquiry she found a note from a journalist inside her daughter's school bag and about the lengths she went to stop her children being photographed:

I think something drastic must be done to rein in journalists who pursue their stories by using detestable methods such as hacking phones and harrassing people (particularly regarding children) but I also believe in the freedom of the press. It's a difficult issue to sort out.

Have you watched any of the inquiry? What are your thoughts about the phone hacking and intrusion that's done by journalists and photographers?


  1. I've been reading about it. It's appalling what they did, and particularly feel for any ordinary people who were caught up in this.
    I agree with what you say, and hope that the future will see no more of these intrusive, and despicable, antics. Flighty xx

  2. Yes, it's hard to believe how despicable they have behaved. And like you, I particulary feel badly for ordinary people who get caught up in all this. It's bad enough for celebrities but far worse for those who aren't actually celebrities. And much worse when they target children.