Saturday, August 6, 2011

My new website/blog: Campaign for Citizenship Equality

Please support my Campaign for Citizenship Equality.

I'm eligible for British citizenship by descent but refuse to apply because of unfair conditions.

I have set up a new website to address the ongoing inequality regarding the right to claim unconditional British citizenship by anyone with a British parent.

and a blog

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  1. Great strides have been made to improve the situation of children of British mothers and even greater improvements could be made, but it should not be forgotten that even greater discrimination occurs in many other countries. According to a recent press release (August 25, 2011), by the UN High Commission for Refugees, on the persistant problem of statelessness, "Discrimination against women compounds the problem. And they are among the most vulnerable to statelessness. UNHCR analysis reveals that at least 30 countries maintain citizenship laws that discriminate against women. Women and their children in some countries run a particular risk of becoming stateless if they marry foreigners. Many states also don't allow a mother to pass her nationality on to her children".

    Thanks for keeping the plight of the children of British mothers in the public eye and let us hope that the situation improves not only for us but also for those affected by similar discrimination in other lands.

  2. While I readily agree that there is wide-spread discrimination against women and their children in many other countries, I think it's obvious that my focus is on the discrimination in the UK. It's hard to believe that MPs voted to pass such a blatantly discriminatory law.

    This is the twenty-first century, and yet the UK still does not offer equal rights to claim British citizenship by descent! This unjustified discrimination personally affects me as well as countless others.

  3. Hi Maureen, I am an American born before 1983 from a British mother. I have been researching the possibility of gaining British citizenship recently. My wife and I would like to move here in a couple years after I finish my degree. I didn't realize that it could be revoked. I did notice that I can't pass on British citizenship to my children which I don't like. I just stumbled across your blog. It is nice to see an American with a British mother.