Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Killing: Did you watch the whole series? Discuss here

I have been addicted to watching The Killing on BBC 4 on Saturday nights and last night was the final two episodes of this brilliant Danish series. So now we know who killed Nanna Birk Larsen.

I feel like I've been on a rollercoaster ride with my emotions. I was eager to find out who the murderer was, but at the same time I feel bereft now that the series is finished. It was like reading a book that you never want to end.

There were so many suspects! Did you figure out who the murderer was or were you confused by all the red herrings (like I was)?

I have to say that in my opinion, the whole series was the best dramatic series, ever! It had everything - the convoluted story has been so compelling, and all the actors were superb. I was totally hooked from the very first episode.

However, saying that, I'm not sure the ending was as satisfying as I was expecting it to be. There were so many unanswered questions! I'm still puzzling over details that don't make sense to me. What about the flat? And the car that was from Troel's department?

I am eager to discuss the series now with others who watched it too. Please share your thoughts about the ending in the comments.

Spoiler Alert:
If you haven't watched this series yet, don't read the comments!

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  1. I've moved this comment over here from my first post about the series:

    Alicia said...
    Loved this series! We suspected the family friend initially but then changed our minds.
    Love Sarah Lund: she is mesmerising and so obsessed with the case. Poor Theis and family! How long will the poor guy get inside?

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

  2. Hi Alicia, [I've moved your comment here for further discussion]

    Like you, I suspected the family friend from the beginning too and like you, I changed my mind. There were so many suspects!

    I adore the character, Sarah Lund! I have nothing but admiration for Sofie Grabol, the actress who portrayed her. I like all the character quirks and how she doesn't care about her looks. She's just obsessed with solving the case.

    Yes, poor Theis. He and his wife were just beginning to find happiness again. :(

  3. I agree with all the above comments. I feel really depressed now it has finally ended. Gripping, exciting and extremely well acted by all. I can't wait for Series 2. This kind of high quality drama is always welcome. Thank you BBC!!!

  4. Hi Margaret, Yep, I'm sad that this series is finished now (it was the only tv show I looked forward to watching every week) and I'm already looking forward to watching the second one. The Danish really know how to make a fabulous crime thriller! I'm so pleased the BBC bought the rights to show both series.

  5. Loved the series and am now looking forward to series 2. There are a couple of points that I did not fully understand during the series, perhaps you can help. Why and who cut the wires outside Lunds appartment, and at one time removed the light bulb? Also why did Vahn tell Theis and his wife about the passport, it did not seem to play any other significant role? I'm sure I will think of more, going to have to rent the DVD to watch again now I no 'whodunnit'

  6. Good questions! I don't know why the wires outside the apartment were cut. It doesn't make sense to the plot (solving the murder) other than that someone (Brix maybe) was watching Sarah and seemed determined to scare her off the case. I still wonder why the police dept didn't seem to want Sarah to find the real culprit. All very strange.

    And it does seem odd that Vahn told Theis and his wife about the passport. Perhaps, he wanted to make sure he was the one who told about it so that it would deflect any attention away from him as a suspect.I have to say that I was screaming "No" at the TV when Anton told Vagn about the passport instead of telling his parents immediately.

    It's amazing how this tv series has become such an obsession, even now that it's over! I still find myself thinking about the plot. I'm going to watch the last few episodes via iPlayer again. I want to see what clues I must have missed.

  7. Excellent series, with superb acting from all the cast and well-paced direction throughout.

    However there are quite a few unexplained and unanswered questions. What was Troels Harttman about to reveal to Brix? Where was Nanna actually killed – in the new house or the leglihed (oops, I slipped into Danish there – I must have learned something! – I mean the apartment? And why is it so dark in Copenhagen?

    And how will Sarah Lund get reinstated for series 2 after walking out?

  8. Hi Porteous. Excellent questions!

    I also wondered about the information Troels was so eager to reveal to Brix. I think he wanted to tell Brix about what the plumber had told him.

    I'm still not sure about the order of events regarding Nanna and Vagn but I think Vagn follwed Nanna to the flat, after the taxi driver(Leon, I think was his name)told Vagn about Nanna's plans to leave the country with her boyfriend. Nanna had gone to the flat where she had left her passport, and I think Vagn was probably waiting for her at the flat. He attacked her there and then he took her to the basement of the house the next day (Saturday) and kept her prisoner there until Sunday, I think. Then he took her to the woods where she nearly escaped but he caught her and tied her up and put her in the boot of the car, and then drove it into the water. The medical examiner said she was still alive when she went in the water, and that she died by drowning.

    It did seem dark there all the time didn't it? I think that was very clever, adding to the gloomy atmospheric tone of the whole series.

  9. My daughter and I have been rivetted to this thriller since it started and I couldn't wait for Saturday night. The acting has been superb throughout the cast. It is a pity they didn't give a 'here's what happened' flashback on the cleaning of the flat and the sequence of events of how he came to kill her. That would have tied up the loose ends. Wish they hadn't killed off Jan, I was really getting to like the partnership. And isn't Troels just gorgeous. Can you pronounce his name?

  10. Hi Lynda, I was just the same. As soon as two episodes finished, I was already counting the days until the next Saturday night.I'm really going to miss this series. It was the only TV show I looked forward to like that every week.

    I agree with your idea about a flashback to show what happened. That would have made the ending more satisfactory. I still find some of the details don't add up.

    Yes, I was very upset when Jan Meyer died. I was just beginning to like how he and Sarah worked together too.

    Yes, indeed Troels is gorgeous. I love his name! I pronounce it like Rie does (which is said with such adoration). I felt so sorry for Troels when he realized Morten was responsible for cleaning the door outside the flat, not Rie. Poor Troels! He lost the love of his life.

  11. I have read the past few posts (thank you to Maureen for answering my query about the cut wires!) and have to agree that Troels is gorgeous (so my wife tells me) but disagree that he was a nice person. I think the final scenes, after Troels talks to the Police chief, and is told the investigastion is going no further he realises that he need not tell anyone what he knows concerning the murder and the flat, and in that scene became the politician that was a corrupt as the establishment he was fighting.

  12. I think what happened to Troels is part of the very sad fall-out from the murder.

    Troels was one of the few honest and upfront politicians until Morten had tampered with the crime scene (to protect Troels and make sure nothing would hinder his campaign). Troels could have insisted on telling the police but realized, as you say, that he could just stay quiet and continue with his campaign to run for mayor. He became corrupt because of what Morten did and Troels lost Rie in the process too.

    Nanna's murder triggered many repercussions. Olav, Holk, Leon, Jan, all dead. Rama was nearly beaten to death by Theiss. Theiss killed Vagn. Pernille is left alone with her sons. Troels loses Rie. Sarah ends up alone.

  13. Thanks for the reply Maureen, I agree with your summary, although we are not sure what sort of sentence Theiss would have got. He would have certainly argued manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility rather than murder, you never know maybe they appear in series 2! On a lighter note I heard a story concerning Sarah's famous jumper. In one of the earlier episodes the jumper was cut with a knife and blood stained, later in the series it appeared unblemished. A lot of critics and viewers got hot under the collar about lack of continuity, until the writer issued a statement saying that anyone that knew Sarah Lund well would realise that she hated shopping and when she found something she liked she always bought two of them, great :)

    1. And her mother is a dressmaker. She could easily repair a woolly jumper while Sarah was out. If only to prove to Sarah that she was so useless.

  14. I like to think that Theiss would get a light sentence because as you point out. he could have argued diminished responsibility or temporary insanity. Or is that the same thing? Anyway, it would be nice to think he wouldn't be in prison for long. Poor Pernille and her boys being on their own!

    LOL, I'm talking like they are real people! It's amazing how this series does that.

    Thanks for sharing that fabulous story! I like that. Yes, indeed, I agree with the writer. That is something Lund would do.

  15. Great comments everyone. Not sure Theis can get another light sentence (isn't he still awaiting a judgement on the Rama thing?) but he seemed to be at peace afterwards and so was Pernille - which bugged me because of all that they had lost (daughter, house, "best friend" Vagn), it didn't seem at all realisic (though Theis pulling the trigger certainly did hold true to character).

    Actor who played Vagn was superb. I suspected him and the house early on, but then began to like him. Interesting how once we knew he was for sure the one, he looked different (they had him in a suit for the party) - all of that stuff adds to our perceptions.

    I'm not gaga over Troels. Bit self righteous (until the end!) I had suspected Morten as the murderer very early on and interesting how even the "nicest" character DID have dirty secrets.

    A friend watching series 2 said she was unmoved so far. But I'm looking forward to it, if for no other reason than to hang out with Sarah Lund again (and you all too!)

  16. Hi Val, I was thinking that since Rama refused to press charges agaisnt Theiss, that it wouldn't have a bearing on the case against Theiss regarding shooting Vagn.

    You're right about Theiss seeming to be at peace at the end. I think both Theiss and Pernille were relieved to find out who had killed their daugher. It had become an obsession with them. And I guess Pernille would be hopeful that Theiss wouldn't be in prison for long.

    I agree about the actor who portrayed Vagn. I think everyone suspected him and the house from the very beginning, just like you did, but the actor was able to make us doubt our suspicion. I remember when Vagn had been taken in for questioning and when he got back and he seemed so hurt by the way Pernille and Theiss both looked at him that I actually felt sorry for Vagn. That's when I started to think the murderer was somoeone else even though Vagn was the obvious suspect.

    When Troels decided to pursue his campaign and not insist on telling the police about what Morten did, he became just as corrupt as the other politicians. I didn't like Troels much then. I never liked Morten and disliked him even more so at the end.

    I really hope the second series isn't a big disappointment but it does have a lot to live up to after such a brilliant series as the first one was! I want to see more of Sarah Lund again too. She's a wonderful character!

  17. Hi everyone

    I've been reading your discussion about The Killing or Forbrydelsen as we call it in Denmark.

    We in Denmark have heard a lot about what a huge success the series as become in the UK.

    I too loved Forbrydelsen when it aired in Denmark back in 2007.

    Here are some "insider" knowledge about the series.

    The cast didn't even know who the Killer was while filming. The production team only handed out one script at the time. The actor Nicolaj Kopernikus, who played Vagn, didn't even know he was the killer. He also suspected Vagn in the beginning, but later on he also thought, he was innocent. Most of the actors suspected their own character at some point during filming.

    As to Troels (Lars Mikkelsen) his kid brother is even more handsome. Mads Mikkelsen is also a very brilliant actor. I think his most famous role is Le Chiffre in the Bond film "Quantum of Solace".

    Tak for snakken



  18. Greetings Trine! Thank you for sharing some "insider" knowledge about the series. That's very interesting indeed. I love how most of the actors suspected their own character at some point. Understandable, really.

    I didn't know the actor who played Troels has a brother who's an actor too. I'll have to watch "Quantum of Solace" again so I can spot him.

    Thanks again for your comment. You've provided lots of intersting information!

  19. I watch CSIs, Law and Order and crime drama in general but I have never been this addicted.
    I did not believe that the series was over until this morning because I suspected that someone played some tricks at the hospital to have the detective who was shot dead because we were made to believe that he was getting better. He would have been great in series 2 but can you imagine how 'Sara 84' made Lund's day in solving the murder instead of bringing her down?
    Again, I wanted a clear link between the City Hall and the murder. Can someone tell me how the killer got the campaign car?

  20. I still wonder about the way Jan Meyer died so suddenly after the doctor said he would recover. Like you, I thought someone (Brix?)must have been implicated with his death, and that it wasn't just due to complications.

    That scene when Lund saw 'Sara 84' on Vagn's jacket was fantastic! I gasped out loud.

    I think Vagn got the campaign car when he went to the flat where Troels had been briefly first. Troels said he left the car keys on the glass coffee table in the flat and then he went to his cottage. I think he took a cab since he had been drinking.

  21. Hi everyone,

    My boyfriend and I had to wait until last night's repeat to find out the resolution of this brilliant series, a killer in itself! The ending was great, but I agree so many loose ends to ponder...

    Why for example was Buchard moved aside early on? and why were he and his superiors tampering with evidence?
    Why why did Jan have to die (I too thought Troels was a fitty but Jan was my ultimate killing crush)

    And can anyone throw light on the civil servant/jens holke storyline? Was Holke being indirectly blackmailed by bremer via Dessau?

    Plus there seemed little time given over to Vagn's motivations for killing Nanna..or the first girl..

    I was really hoping Bremer was behind it all, with perhaps a ritualistic woodland twist thrown in for good measure, would suit his 'dark lord' dealings. The ending confounded all our theories which can only be a good thing.

    Agree Lund was fabulous, straight down to business without the tiresome distraction of gender politics/office romances ala Lynda la Plante. Her and Meyer were shaping up nicely until he copped it.

    BBC 4 is the bomb. Roll on series 2..

  22. Very good questions!

    I still can't figure out all that business with Buchard, Brix and the others in the police dept. Were they tampering with evidence, and why? Who cut the wires to the light outside Sarah's place, and why?

    Jan being killed when he was rushing in to help Sarah was just heartbreaking.

    I still don't understand the Holke and Dessau connection. Poor Olav was killed because he knew more but that part of the story was never explained.

    I agree with you about the mystery of Vagn's motivation to kill both Nanna and Mette. He told Theis that things got out of hand. That's putting it mildly! I guess we are supposed to believe Vagn was simply a madman who snapped.

  23. Hello guys just want to know who was the killer in Danish series I am watching American I just finished season finale today not happy

  24. Vagn was the killer in the Danish version but I've heard that the American version was completely different.

    I'm glad the BBC showed the original Danish version in the UK since it sounds like you didn't enjoy the American version.

  25. Was there a book written before the series where some of these questions maybe answered? I just loved it. Such brilliant acting and such a treat to watch.

  26. It's not based on a book. The series was written for TV by Soren Sveistrup.

    I loved it too. I looked forward to watching it every week - as you say it was a treat to watch.

  27. Some questions I would have liked to have been answered :

    1. Who cut the wires to the light outside Lund's flat ?

    2. Who (from the Police dept.) erased messages from Nanna's phone ?

    3. On his hospital death-bed, why would Meyer reapeat "Sara 84" over and over, when he could have simply repeated to killers name ?

    4. When Leon phoned the Police and Lund urged him to give himself up, he was terrified. Why ?

    5. Meyer was shot by a right handed man; when Vagn signed Anton's birthday card, he did so with his left hand...

    Anyway, a great production (far superior to the American remake), with some stellar performances - especially from the big man Theis, I thought.

    Looking forward to series 2.

  28. Thanks for all the posts. Just read through the lot since we finished The Killing last night having taped the whole thing. We did not see it the first time around but had friends who raved about it. They started showing the American version so we watched that for a few episodes. But within about two weeks BBC 4 (god bless them) started the repeat of the full Danish version. We abandoned the American version pretty quickly and were instantly hooked. No real comparison. I have loads to ask about this series but really just wanted to add an observation. I wondered whether somehow it was Vagn who committed the final act on Meyer. He was the one who shot Meyer and knew that Meyer had recognised him. When he found out Meyer was still alive he somehow got to the hospital and changed the blood used for the blood transfusion. Two reasons for me saying this. Firstly Meyer was getting better but he died because there was a 'problem with the blood he was given'. I'm not certain that is exactly what they said but it was something like that. The second point was that early in his life Vagn had been a medical student but had not made the grade and dropped out. Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there and see if anyone agrees, or not.

  29. Hello all,

    I'm writing from Toronto, Canada where the US version of the Killing has been airing on a station that we get called AMC. The US version has been broken down into two seasons so we’re only half way into it thus far. I don’t think the second half will air until sometime in 2012.

    Friends in England told me that I MUST watch the Danish version ASAP, so I rented and completed it tonight! Fantastic.

    I agree with many of the comments above regarding irritating loose ends, however, namely the unclear timeline surrounding when Nanna would have been in the politican’s flat versus the Larsen’s under-construction house versus the forest. I think I have a rough idea but I just would have liked a few more details for clarity.

    Although I’m sure the US version will be inferior to the Danish one once all is said and done, I’m still looking forward to watching the concluding half of it because I have a feeling the US version will tie things up more neatly. Things have to be a little more spoon-fed for the audience over here. Ha ha ha.

    The one small mystery questioned above that I have a theory on is in regards to why Jan Meyer only said “Sarah 84” rather than Vagn’s name. It’s possible that Vagn had his face concealed. Thus, the only description that Meyer could provide was of the sweatshirt.

    Just my two cents.

    - Jessie

    1. Vagn obviously had his face covered and an open coat over his Sarajevo 84 fleece.
      From where he was lying on the floor, Jan only saw one side of the fleece and read

  30. Hello, I'm a big fan of series 1 and I just found your blog. Very interesting thanks. Are you extending it to cover series 2, which started yesterday in UK?

    Paul P.

  31. Hello Paul, I'm pleased you found my blog.

    I have a new post about series 2 to discuse the first two episodes:

  32. Whoops. Please excuse the typo in previous comment. I meant "discuss" the first two episodes on this new post:

  33. I couldn't understand why olav was killed or holke was so desperate that he committed suicide by cop, but here's a theory:

    Holke ran over olav by accident, panicked and drove off. Then he assumes that when the police found him they would put him in jail for death by dangerous driving, ending his career. He'd already lost his wife so he gave up.

    Now, who was it olav had been talking to. Was it morten?

  34. Mark Featherstone-WittySaturday, January 14, 2012

    For the first time, I've read dialogues x 10 like this and it's a pleasure to see how everyone is mulling over the bits and pieces that don't quite make the greatest sense. The big question: intended or cock-up? My present feeling, hvaing read the contributions, is that, together, we could probably work out a sensible solution for every one. Nanna had a terrible night - abused by two different men, yes?
    I could have done without the glacial slowness. While you could argue that shows like 24 are hyperactive, The Killing was at the other end of the scale. Reaction shots are essential, of course, but why, at times, continue shots when we've well and truly got the point?

  35. Guys, please, would someone tell me how Vagn entering the party flat and leaving the flat with Nanna is NOT on the surveillance tapes????

  36. Still can't work out how Vagn got the campaign car? Wasn't it spotted outside the cabin the next day (when Morton discovered Hartman trying to top himself)? Just watched Series 1 over the space of a week. Getting series 2 box set tomorrow. Can't wait

  37. Just finished the series. As soon as Blix appeared, I had him pegged as the one - remember him holding his black gloves while he was interrogating Lund about the Meyer shooting? Unhappily, he wasn't the one, but it is clear the writers want us to believe that corruption still lies within the Police Dept., as well as down at City Hall.

    Series 2, here I come!

  38. I have just finished the Danish series on DVD and was completely hooked - I gave up on the American version after the first series.I was glad most people had the same queries on the loose ends as I did and I read the possible explanations with interest. I have got series 2 to look forward to now.

  39. I just watched this over the period of a week, so the whole thing is fresher in my mind than if I had watched it week by week as intended. A lot of unanswered questions! The killer being Vagn just didn't make sense to the way it was shown in the beginning:

    The Killing had all the makings of a serial killer. She was raped with a condom, her nails clipped, no traces of the perpetrator anywhere in that flat, she was carefully washed, still alive when the car went in the water, drugged with ether, so that only the two of them would 'know' where and how she died, he let her go in the woods to toy with her, before capturing her again, a power trip, the black heart necklace that the previous victim also had, clutched fiercely in her hand even as she died.

    None of that fits Vagn's final reveal of how and why it happened - an apparent crime of passion? Vagn wasn't clever enough to hide his tracks so well for so long. So he was angry she was going away and wouldn't listen...would he rape her so violently and use a condom? Where did he wash her and clip her nails, drug her with ether? He says she got away from him in the woods, and he caught her again. The initial film shows him carefully following her, not in any hurry. If it was a crime of passion like he says, why wouldn't he be chasing her in a panic, worried she would get away? Why keep her captive in a basement for so long? Why not kill her straight away? When did he drug her? Why was she wearing only a slip when she arrived at the flat in jeans? He let the car go into the water because he couldn't bear to kill her - so he felt some compassion, yet he was able to rape her and do all those terrible things to her? What about the initial killer's cold blooded preparation of his victim to leave no trace of him on her? He was meant to have done this before, yet his only other revealed victim was killed completely differently and for a completely different reason, so really nothing linked the two, other than a necklace, which was never explained.

    It felt to me as if the plot started out as one line, but ended up another. It was initially meant to be a highly powered and clever killer who had done this many times before, but eventually it was changed to be a plain old whodunnit, carried out by someone who just got carried away, which is why so much doesn't quite work.

  40. Hi everybody!

    As you already said,Troels was one of the few honest and upfront politicians until Morten had tampered with the crime scene (to protect Troels and make sure nothing would hinder his campaign). Troels could have insisted on telling the police but realized, as you say, that he could just stay quiet and continue with his campaign to run for mayor. He became corrupt because of what Morten did.

    I did not understand what was Troels afraid of, why he did not speak the truth to the police (why he did not tell them what Morten has done,after all they have found the killer).

    Also what did Rie do with Dessau?


  41. Sarajevo was the place where the winter Olympic games took place in 1984. So I believe that solution is at the photo which Sara watch at the police station. I think morton is the killer, I believe he was with Von in the same team in Sarajevo ( Sara 84). We must see again that photo. There is the key.

  42. A View from Estonia.Forbrydelsen/Kuritegu was magnificent.I think that Vagn was psychopathic personality,who subconsciously always hated Larsen family,because he had nothing they had.At the same time it is clear,that the murder of Nanna was unplanned.But the fact that girl did not want to hear his "good advice",gave him opportunity to realize his hatred towards Larsens.How successfully he played the best friend of the family! When Lund saw this "Sara 84",Vagn knew for sure,that his game is over.He decided to complete his vendetta.It became clear,when he sarcastically said to Theis,that they will never move to the new house.And little Anton had to face the fact,that his lovely puppie was a gift from monster,who had killed his sister and also Mette,Jan and Leon.Some things remained unclear:if Vagn really was the boyfriend of Mette,why was he totally ignored by police,when Mette disappeared? Or did he only dreamed about relationship with Mette? The killing of Leon remained also unclear.

  43. Loved the danish series. My husband and I were hooked. He even embarrassingly started answering the phone as troels Hartmann. My big problem with the whole thing was what motivated vagn to rape nanna so brutally over such an extended period of time. For me, that didn't fit with his explanation for killing her. I think, as others have said, that he resented theis and all he had.

  44. Loved it from the first episode! And I new after the second episode that Vagn was the killer. But I was surprised when he was caught in epsiode 16 seemed not guilty! So now waiting for epsiode 20 next week on Belgian TV I'm confident again and reading this all is because I couldn't stop my curiosity ;-)
    So after all the holes mentioned ... didn't you notice there is always a simple explanation but most of the time we have tunnelvision, and I guess that's what this serie is about, media having tunnelvision seeing all kinds of strang plots and usually the link is always very close and errors are always made, but detectives should not have tunnelvision and media and corruption feeds everytime.
    I looking forward to more Nordic trillers, best so far and hope Belgian TV will program next serie 2 and 3.

  45. In the first episode Theis is showing Vagn the new house for the first time. So how could Vagn have known about it and kept Nanna in the basement for at least 24 hrs before he took her to the woods? Doesn't add up.

  46. Agree with above comment about the new house. Theis shows it to Vagn for the first time on the Monday - how could Vagn have kept Nanna there two days previously? J

  47. Hi everyone

    Could someone tell me what happened in episode 15 when Pernille picked up the man at the bar, does she have sex with him. I had to leave the house when it was showing so missed that that bit??

  48. Lund draws the gun of the driving police and asks "both of them" to get out of the car. While she is driving away, we see the vanishing cops! Guys, I am sorry, but this is the most innocent one I picked. This plot is full of holes. Almost as if they tried to fit a plot on a huge hole. Remove Sofie Grabol and some more brilliant acting from the first series (haven't watched the rest, yet) nothing extraordinary is left there.

  49. Replying to Anonymous, Feb 03, 2013.

    Vagn being the culprit ties up with the revelation about midway through that he was a failed medical student whose father had been a doctor. That fitted the killer's profile of somebody with the medical knowledge to remove all physical traces of himself from the victim and the crime scenes. But otherwise he didn't make sense as the killer, because he admitted to being in a rage, to a spontaneous crime, but all the details fit a well-planned premeditated crime.

    So a brilliant 20 hours of TV ended with little sense.


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