Friday, March 11, 2011

Follow Friday: March 11, 2011

These are my recomendations for Follow Friday on Twitter today:

#FF @fromABroad Laine is a British Mum in AZ, Editor of Thoughts From A Broad.Sharing stories of Inspiring women,Ecofriendly & thrifty ideas

#FF @paulstpancras "Teacher, media relations, constitutional advisor, husband and father, friend." Informative tweets & RTs.

#FF @_MissChicago_ Stephanie is "An expat in England who occasionally misses Chicago." She's also a lawyer - and a lovely, thoughtful lady.

Follow Friday is an easy way for you to recommend other people to follow on Twitter. You simply tweet the names of Twitter users you like (preferably include a reason) and tag it with the hashtag: #followfriday or #FF.

You can see all my Follow Friday's here:

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