Friday, February 18, 2011

Follow Friday: Feb 18, 2011

These are my recomendations for Follow Friday on Twitter today:

#FF @Jainamel Melody tweets about music (fan of Duran Duran and spacehotel), animals, bowling, and lots of friendly chat. Lovely lady! :)

#FF @SongBirdSOS about birds/animals/nature/environment Fab site too:

#FF @NakedScientists Fun & fascinating info about science! Science Radio and Naked Science Podcasts

#FF @Placepot Lots of fab tweets and retweets from Wayne about "Birding, bees/keeping, nature & rescuing cats. Photography. Wellbeing."

#FF @I_W_M The Imperial War Museum "Telling the story of those who have lived, fought and died in conflict, from 1914 to the present day."

#FF @krupali for her lovely life-affirming and heartwarming tweets. She will make you smile - and inspire you to do more (read her bio!).

Follow Friday is an easy way for you to recommend other people to follow on Twitter. You simply tweet the names of Twitter users you like (preferably include a reason) and tag it with the hashtag: #followfriday or #FF.

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