Friday, January 21, 2011

Twitter: Follow Friday (Jan. 21, 2011)

These are my recomendations for Follow Friday* on Twitter today:

#FF Barb Alexander @tudortutor "Your cheeky guide to the Tudor dynasty" fun & interesting tweets!

#FF @makeitandmendit "Make things, mend things, inspire and be inspired to make more and use less" tweets about creative sustainability

#FF @britfood "Lover of Great British Food photos and stories.Dedicated to busting the myth that British food is dull."

#FF @visitlondonweb useful info about London. Visit London is the official visitor organisation for the capital

#FF Laura lives in London & shares very useful tips/info @AboutLondon Her tweets are always friendly and fun too!

Follow Friday is an easy way for you to recommend other people to follow on Twitter. You simply tweet the names of Twitter users you like (preferably include a reason) and tag it with the hashtag: #followfriday or #FF.

The hashtag (#) symbol is important because it means it becomes a clickable link which makes it easy for everyone on Twitter to access.

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