Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big Garden Birdwatch: Count the birds!

If you have time,take an hour out this weekend (29 or 30 January) to help the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) to count bird numbers in your garden or wherever you like - your local park for example.

Once you've finished the count, submit your birdwatch results to the RSPB.

You can also chat with others about the birdwatch on the RSPB forum.

Big Garden Birdwatch

This is my result from watching my garden during an hour this morning:

1 Blackbird
3 Blue Tits
1 Chaffinch
1 Goldfinch
2 Greenfinch
3 House Sparrows
1 Magpie
2 Pigeons
9 Starlings

It's rather more than I expected to see in an hour but I was watching after I had refilled the feeders and the bird table so that might have something to do with it!


  1. Glad to hear of others doing this! We did our birdwatch this morning and it was pretty good, but some regular visitors were notably absent.

  2. Hi Laura. I'm glad to hear others are doing this survey too! Yes, it's a worry when you notice some regular visitors are missing. I was quite surprised to see the variety of birds on my list. I was very surprised to see three blue tits but only one blackbird. And I haven't seen a magpie for quite a while but it was the first bird I saw when I started the count!

  3. Lucky you seeing the finches! I did my count this morning and was surprised, and delighted, to see a male blackcap for the first time. Sadly I've seen few starlings this year. Flighty xx

  4. It's very interesting to find out what birds others are (or are not!) seeing! I'm surprised you've seen fewer starlings this year. I seem to see more starlings this year than last year! Funny,that.

    I bet you were delighted to see a male Blackcap. That is exciting!