Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Rescue of all 33 Chilean Miners

Like most everyone else around the world, I was mesmerized by the scenes on the TV from Chile showing the amazing rescue of all 33 miners. All of the men looked incredibly well after their ordeal. The 33 Chilean miners had been trapped since August 5, more than two months ago - a total of 69 days underground.

It was wonderful to see as each man was pulled to the surface and he climbed out of the specially-built capsule (designed for the operation by NASA and Chilean Navy engineers) nick-named the Phoenix "...because I think it will bring about a rebirth of the miners, and a new life for them," said mining minister Laurence Golborne. I loved the way each man was greeted by family members and then given a big hug by officials, including Chile's President Sebastian Pinera.

One of the most enjoyable moments to witness was when the second miner stepped out of the capsule. Mario Sepulveda also known as "Super Mario" was obviously relieved and happy to be rescued and didn't hesitate to show his feelings! He shouted chants and brought rocks with him, that he proceeded to hand out to the officials including President Pinera. They all graciously accepted his rock gift too! I loved that!

Second Chilean Miner Rescued - Mario Sepulveda

and Luis Urzua, the LAST Miner Rescued from the Chilean Mine (He was the leader of the whole group)

It was just so fabulous to watch a good-news story for a change. And it seemed as if the world was joined together while watching the incredible rescue of the Chilean miners. We all shared their feelings of relief and joy.

It's such an uplifting story. Did you watch?


  1. I watched TV some of the time, and followed it online.
    As you say an uplifting story for a change.
    Flighty xx

  2. Hi Flighty, yes indeed it made a very welcome change from the usual bad news that's reported.