Thursday, July 1, 2010

Public to help scrap bad laws via 'Your Freedom' - new website launched by Nick Clegg

I think this is a great new initiative from the Coalition Government: 'Your Freedom' is a website which invites the public to submit their ideas on how to reduce pointless regulation and unnecessary bureaucracy in the UK.

It involves a very simple registration procedure and then you can start submitting your ideas or add your comments to ideas made by others. Unfortunately, the website is proving to be very popular indeed! It has crashed several times already today, due to heavy traffic.

I managed to register my details but that's as far as I got before the site crashed again. I will try to submit my ideas tomorrow. One of my suggestions will be for the Borders, Immigration & Citizenship Act to be amended so that children of British mothers have the same right to automatic British citizenship as children of British fathers do. It's time to scrap the registration fee, the good character requirement and the citizenship ceremony, so that nationality via British mothers is the same as via British fathers.

Full text of the Deputy Prime Minister’s speech at the Your Freedom launch
What are your thoughts about this new initiative? Do you welcome the chance to have your say about civil liberties, regulation and bureaucracy?
Which laws do you think should be scrapped?
Your Freedom


  1. There's a saying...too much law, not enough justice...which is certainly true!
    Far too many acts and laws, often poorly worded, have been rushed through parliament with little proper scutiny in recent years.
    This initiative is certainly a good idea and it will be interesting to see what ones do get changed or scrapped. Flighty xx

  2. Hi Flighty - Yes, that saying is quite true! I agree with you - I think there are too many laws which have been rushed through.

    It will be very interesting to see how much influence this initiative will have. I've submitted my idea (to end discrimination against children born abroad before 1961 to British mothers)to the site and I sincerely hope it will be addressed.

    Unfortunately, some people have already cluttered up the site with utterly ridiculous suggestions. The site desperately needs to be strictly moderated or it will quickly end up as a joke.

  3. Hi Maureen: I've seen your post on the site and added my support!

  4. Hi Greg - thank you very much - I appreciate your support!

  5. Hi Maureen,
    We were very close when Harriet Harman agreed to scrap the fees next year. I am hoping we can keep the pressure up on this government to do the same. There is a on-line petition asking for signatures to do the same as you have been campaigning for. Keep up the good work, Hope you and your supporters will also sign this petition as it is for the same cause:

  6. Since Harriett Harman made this annoucement "Talked to the Home Sec. We are going to scrap registration fee for nationality for British via mother from next year. Sweet tweet success" on twitter last March the main question to be asked now is there going to be a continuation of policy by the new government to allow this to go through for the sake of equality and justice ?

  7. JMoore705 - Yes we were very close when Harriet Harman agreed to scrap the fees next year. It's a shame she didn't put an amendment in place via Parliament for the change to go into effect immediately. We've waited long enough for justice and we are still waiting!!

    I signed the petition. Let's hope the new Coalition Government will take notice of it as well as the ideas on the 'Your Freedom' website.

  8. Jim Mortoza:
    Hi Jim, I don't know anything about a continuation of policy by the new government to allow the promise made by Harriet Harman to go through. There isn't any notice about it on the UKBA Home Office website so I assume it means we have to start again with our campaign. Let's hope the new Government cares enough about equality and justice to support our cause!

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  11. You're very welcome, Jayne! I'm pleased you found this post so informative.