Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prime Minister Cameron and Deputy PM Clegg hold first press conference

Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have held their first joint press conference today.

I thought it was a very impressive press conference. They both seemed very comfortable presenting together and taking turns answering questions from the journalists.

A couple snippets:
Cameron : "the national interest is more important than the party interest."
Clegg: "until today we were rivals and now we're colleagues."

The best moment (and very funny) was when a Five reporter reminded Cameron about his reply to the question "What's your favourite joke?" Cameron had replied: "Nick Clegg". The reporter asked Cameron if he regretted saying that now.

"Did you really say that?" Clegg asked.

"I'm afraid I did say that", Cameron told Clegg.

The Deputy PM then jokingly pretended to walk away, telling Cameron: "I'm off", as the PM shouted: "Come baaaack".

"We're all going to have things thrown back at us," Cameron said. "We're looking at the bigger picture. ... And if it means swallowing some humble pie, and if it means eating some of your words, I cannot think of a more excellent diet."

Watch the amusing moment here:


  1. Now that there is a new government in power, perhaps the day will come when we, the children of British mothers, will be able to apply for a British passport in the same way our younger coherts can, with just a birth certificate and a mother's birth certificate, not a 550 pound registration certificate.

  2. Not sure how I feel about this new government. I really hope this whole "cap on immigration" they're planning won't affect my planned migration to England.

  3. I think that no matter who is in power, there will be controls on the number of immigrants to the UK. It's just a matter of how tight the controls will be. I think there will always be a call for skilled workers though in jobs that can't be filled by people from the UK or the EU.

  4. I'd like to see them get on just to prove the media, and many of the public, wrong!
    It'll be interesting once parliament resumes as to what happens in the coming months.
    A coalition like this and a large number of new MP's will see a vast difference I'm sure. Flighty xx

  5. I would too, Flighty!

    I'm sure it's not going to be easy for a coalition like this but I'm optimistic. They've already accomplished a lot in a short space of time.

    Both parties are making a tremendous effort to form a coalition goverment and should be commended for their efforts. I think they will make a big difference too, Flighty.

  6. Have you seen that the new administration has closed down e-petitions? I tried to sign the petition in the sidebar and it says: "The new administration is currently assessing how best to proceed with the e-petitions service. We will update users as soon as practicable".

  7. Hi Emm,
    No, I didn't know about that until you mentioned it. Oh dear. Thanks for trying to sign the petition. I appreciate it.

    I hope they will decide to continue the e-petitions service!