Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy St George's Day!

St George is the patron saint of England.

Today, April 23rd, is England's national day: 

St George's Day!

Celebrations to mark St George's Day will take place across England today and over the weekend.

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Download a free copy of The Ricky Gervais Guide to The English to mark St George's Day
(link via

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Today is also William Shakespeare's birthday and it's appropriate to quote from his play, Henry V, with one of Shakespeare's most famous quotes:

 'Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

and another famous quote is by Sir Winston Churchill:

"There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word,

which means more to me than any other. That word is ENGLAND."

Happy St George's Day!


  1. It's also National Day! Flighty xx

  2. Yes. Now we just need to have St George's Day designated as an official bank holiday!

  3. It is also "Shakespear Day".

    Hope you have a nice one. :)

  4. Happy belated St George's Day... Your post made me miss the UK!