Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Dunkirk spirit is helping people stranded in Europe

Due to the ash cloud (from the volcano in Iceland) spreading across Europe and halting air travel, people are pooling resources together to help each other. Yes, there are alternative modes of transport (buses, trains, ferries) but they are booked solid so lots of people are stranded across Europe and desperate to get home.

And once again, Twitter is proving to be a valuable tool in times of need. People on Twitter are using the appropriate hashtag, #getmehome that @indiaknight started to share travel, ideas, tips, lifts with others and to simply connect to each other and offer support in any way they can. It's the Dunkirk spirit at work to help people who are stranded.

I'm so impressed with the way people are volunteering to help each other (total strangers) and also impressed with the way Twitter is once again proving to be such a valuable tool. It's simply wonderful.

Edited to add: More Dunkirk spirit
Dan Snow @thehistoryguy is going to Calais, France tomorrow (Sunday, April 18th) to bring people home via a fleet of five speed boats! He's set up a special twitter account: calaisrescue


  1. Do you know of any group matching up people who need somewhere to stay with volunteers offering free accomodation? We know of people who could offer shelter if needed....

  2. I can't think of any. It would be great if you can help. Are you on twitter? It's great for sharing information and helping people out in a situation like this.