Monday, February 22, 2010

Homeopathy Funding on the NHS

NHS money 'wasted' on homeopathy
The NHS should stop funding homeopathy, MPs say.

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee said using public money on the highly-diluted remedies could not be justified.

(link via BBC News)

It never made sense to me that the NHS was funding homeopathy. The NHS has to ration legitimate medical treatments so I think it's outrageous that public money is being used to pay for homeopathy which is not a scientifically proven treatment.

I hope the government will accept the recommendations made by the science and technology committee of the House of Commons.

What are your thoughts about homeopathy? Do you think it's right for the NHS to fund homeopathic remedies?


  1. I seem to recollect you doing a post about this before where we both agreed that the money could be better spent in the NHS!
    It seems that others agree with that view so I hope that the NHS will take note and stop funding such treatments.
    I've nothing against homeopathic remedies but those who want them should pay for them! xx

  2. Homeopathy is a quack science and the NHS is wasting money funding it.

  3. Personally, I think western medicine usually treats the symptoms and not the core of the problem. They also can't prove that acupuncture is an appropriate form of treatment, but I when I was 16 and had a really bad case of acne and asthma...I tried all sorts of western medicine. None of it worked. A couple of days after using acupuncture, my acne started to heal, and I haven't had an asthma attack since...just food for thought!
    I'd much rather try a homeopathic remedy first before I tried any of the harder western drugs.

  4. I don't think I've written about homeopathy on the NHS before. I did write about the NHS paying for IVF treatment. Perhaps it's that post you remember, Flighty.

    Anyway, I'm like you. I have nothing against homeopathic remedies for those who want to use them but I think they should pay for those treatments themselves.

  5. Meagan (TheLadyWhoLunches), I know some people swear by homeopathic remedies, and they may prefer to try it before they turn to traditional medicine but I don't think it should be paid for by public money.

  6. Looking back at your NHS posts I think that it was the one that you did last November about marriage counselling that I was thinking of! Anyway, once again, we're in agreement that this is something else that the NHS should not be offering. Flighty xx

  7. Yes, marriage counselling is another example of a service covered by the National Health Service that shouldn't be. Thanks for taking the time to look back at my NHS posts, and leaving your comment, Flighty.