Thursday, January 7, 2010

Amazing satellite view of the UK today (7 Jan)

Wow! This a fantastic satellite view of the UK today! What the UK looks like covered in snow - a stunning photo from NASA:
Yes, we are having a very cold and snowy winter in the UK - most unusual and thus it's big news! If you are planning to visit the UK in the next week or so, be sure you bring lots and lots of warm clothes. This is not your usual mild British winter - you have been warned!


  1. This is truly an amazing picture-it hardly looks real! The temperatures reported in Minnesota recently also seem unreal (-33 degrees fahrenheit).

    P.S. The new applications without the 1961 cut off date are now available at the UKBA website.

  2. Yes, it is a stunning photo. I just saw the late news showing the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers. Just about all of them are featuring that photo on their front pages tomorrow!

    Minnesota is known for its cold winters but the temps they are getting this winter are indeed, hard to believe!

    Thank you for bringing the UKBA updates to my attention. While it's true the cut off date is gone, "a right to register" is still discrimination.

  3. I swear I hadn't read this post before I blogged about that same photo! Definitely an amazing photo!

  4. LOL - no worries! I'm sure a lot of bloggers did the same.

  5. That's a terrific image! Daytime temperatures here in London of zero at best are very unusual, and as you righty say it's a long time since we've had a winter like this. I remember the 1962/3 one when it started snowing on Boxing Day and there was snow on the ground through to March!
    Spring really can't come soon enough!
    Take care, and stay warm! Flighty xx

  6. Hi Flighty - My husband has been telling me about the winter of 62/63. I don't think we have come close to that sort of weather yet this winter (and I sure hope we don't!).

    I agree - spring can't come soon enough!

    Thanks and you take care too!