Friday, September 4, 2009

The graphic road safety film that has spread virally on the Internet.

Made in Britain for just a few thousand pounds: The graphic road safety film that's taken the world by storm A low-budget Welsh road safety film about the dangers of sending text messages when driving has become an international sensation.The hard-hitting four-minute short - created by Gwent Police in South Wales for 'just a few thousand pounds' using amateur actors - has been viewed by more than six million people in the last month alone. (link via "Texting While Driving PSA” (Warning - contains graphic content):


  1. That has made the national news here. I'm so glad. It needs to be seen. So shocking.

  2. It's good that it's making the news in the USA. I agree with you - it needs to be seen.

    In fact, I think it should actually be required viewing in schools everywhere.