Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Big Lunch: a street party throughout the UK on Sunday, July 19th

What is The Big Lunch? Basically, it's a party in your street, in everyone's street. On 19th July we're asking the people of Britain to stop what they're doing and sit down to lunch together. Why? Well for lots of reasons really but mainly to put a smile back on Britain's face. The Big Lunch - hints and tips on getting started I think it sounds like a cool idea - and a great way for everyone to get to know their neighbours and encourage community spirit. I will have to check with my neighbours and see if anything is being planned. To organise an event such as this one takes a lot of time and effort so I'm sure there will need to be a lot of meetings to work out the details. What do you think of the idea? Do you think your street will take part?


  1. A good idea, but not on a day like today!
    I have vague memories of one many years ago. xx

  2. No kidding - a day like today would be a bit of a disaster. Hopefully, the weather will be a lot better on July 19th instead of like today's weather which is gloomy, wet and cool.

  3. I love the idea!! But the weather.... ?!

  4. Bad weather could certainly put a damper on events planned that day. Hopefully though, it will turn out to be a gorgeous summer day (it has been known!).

  5. Never mind the weather most people have a portable gazebo of some kind just put them all side by side and make a long tent if it rains you are all dry, if it's cold wear a coat people make the fun never mind the weather

  6. You're right - we should all have that positive attitude about the weather. (I still hope it will be a gorgeous sunny day across the UK though!)

  7. Weather forcast for April 29th 2011
    Scattered Showers
    High 19°C
    Low 11°C
    Chance of Precip.
    only 30 %
    We have seen worse, and rain never stopped us anyway.. Enjoy the day